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 DM - Enigma Dogs

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PostSubject: DM - Enigma Dogs   Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:23 pm

Enigma Dogs

Description: The eccentric Omni-Tek trade mogul Cornelius Galway has, in a fit of inspiration, decided to start a business venture selling trained pet enigma dogs. To get his business started, though, he needs individuals to aid in the training of said dogs, and has subcontracted this task via the Agency.

In southern Belial Forest, meet up with the Enigma Dog Trainer to receive further information.

From the Wine whompa fly toward the southwest corner of Belial Forest. (528, 877)

Here you’ll find the very talkative Enigma Dog Trainer causally walking around. Be sure to tell him that you need to advise him that they said something about training enigma dogs.

Right click upon him to begin dialog.

When you’ve finished chatting with him your mission will update to the following:

Go north and charm one of the Enigma Dogs. Using your newly charmed pet, attack five of the ball constructs in the area - Once you have accomplished this, the dog will have received its basic training.

If you are a Bureaucrat, you may use a normal charm nanoprogram - If you are not, you will need to use the Charged Nano Critter (Temporary Charm Enigma Dog).

Once you have completed this task, you will become a certified Enigma Dog Trainer! After this you may return to the Braindog Trainer in Belial Forest to receive a permanent Enigma Dog pet of your very own.

The Charged Nano Critter will spawn into your inventory.

Now the fun begins!

Head north from the Enigma Dog Trainer until you reach 521, 2024. This location should upload to your map with the updated mission. The mobs along your path range from level 130-190 and some are aggressive.

When you find an Enigma dog, use the Charged Nano Critter (Temopoary Charm Enigma Dog) by right clicking it on the targeted Enigma Dog. If done successfully the following message will appear in your vicinity chat:

[Your toon’s name here] pet, Enigma Dog: I am now loyal to you. I will do as you say...

There are various ways to command your Enigma dog, but the easiest is by using the ‘pet commands’ found by clicking the ‘action’ tab to the top lower left of your menu. Then the ‘pets’ button followed by the ‘pet info’ option.

Now you target a ball and command the Enigma dog to ‘attack’,

Once the Enigma dog kills 5 balls (while you sit back and watch the great light show!) the mission updates informing you to return to the agency receptionist.

The following are a few areas where you’ll find the balls:

271, 1412
228, 1570
276, 1884

Now, if you enjoyed these little Enigma dogs as much as I did, before you head back to the agency to complete your mission go back to the Enigma Dog Trainer and tell him just how much dang fun you had. He’ll then offer you a nifty nano called 'Trained Enigma Dog' for 30k that will spawn your very own Enigma dog pet! Here’s mine:

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DM - Enigma Dogs
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