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 DM - Scooplet Outbreak

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PostSubject: DM - Scooplet Outbreak   Mon Mar 28, 2011 8:19 pm

Scooplet Outbreak

Description: The Scooplet numbers on the Island of Fear and Loathing, in Deep Artery Valley is getting out of control. Scooplets are living underground, undermining the terrain by digging tunnels that can be seen as sand like paths on the ground. You are commissioned to hunt them down. Follow these sand paths look for signs the scooplets are nearby. Setting up decoy constructs in the affected area will lure the scooplets to the surface.

* * *

The easiest way to get to Deep Artery Valley is by flying north from the Wine whompah.

Once you arrive at the outbreak location on the Island of Fear and Loathing, take the Decoy Construct and right click upon it.

If unsuccessful the decoy construct will not deploy and the following message will appear in vicinity:

A soft vibration is emitting from the device. Nothing else happens. You must be at the wrong location.

If successful the decoy construct deploys and begins to pulsate on the ground.

When this occurs the following message will appear in vicinity:

A soft vibration is emitting from the device. A thud is heard from beneath you. You place the device on the ground. A shy scooplet pops out of the ground.

The shy scooplet will be the same level as your toon. It will also run away from you and go back underground. If you have the map reader upgrade – monsters, you can easily track it on your PF map.

As you kill the shy scooplets a vicinity message appears informing you how many you have left to kill.

Once you have killed 5 of these your mission will update and inform you to return to the Agency to claim you reward.

If you've never been out and about in DAV, take a moment to explore. Below are a few of the nice finds awaiting your discovery.

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DM - Scooplet Outbreak
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