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 Chapter Eleven: Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

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PostSubject: Chapter Eleven: Down The Rabbit Hole We Go   Thu Feb 24, 2011 6:29 pm

Once she'd dug the hole large enough to encompass her body, she climbed in preparing to cover herself with the warm notum rich soil. Her hope was that her make-shift bed would be difficult to detect in the shadows of the small cave, and she would be difficult to detect due to the notum rich soil. Notum literally ran through her veins as per design. Her kind, called Nanomages, had been made in the Omni-Tek laboratories around 28,973 by injecting the DNA of the Homo Nano fetuses with notum. The purpose was to have a profession with an enhanced ability to utilize nano programs. This was accomplished with remarkable skill. Nanomages could cast nanoprograms at blinding speed with remarkable range and very little effort, or depletion of energy. This changed forever the professions dependant upon nano skills.

However, the Nanomages paid a heavy price for such a 'gift'. Most were sterile; leaving reproduction up to Omni-Tek labs. They were also dependant upon cybernetic implants to compensate for their physical weakness. Their hideous appearance did not help the inhuman, cold, and cruel reputation that had developed over time. Lastly, they were bound to the planet on which they shared DNA. To date all Nanomages that had attempted to leave the planet (voluntarily, or by force) had died a horrible death seconds after leaving the planets atmosphere.*

Regardless of her hopes at avoiding detection she knew that a skilled tracker had ways to compensate for such an attempt at diversion, and this gave her pause. Sighing heavily, she reluctantly removed her medical bag from her pack and search until she found what she was looking for. Without hesitation she popped the bitter pill into her mouth and swallowed. Working quickly before the potent medication took effect she turned her back to the entrance of the cave and covered herself in a blanket of the warm notum rich soil. Her last conscious thought was hoping her subconscious would be kind to her.

It was not. Every horrid event in her life was thrust violently at her. She randomly somersaulted from the death of her parents, the loss of her children, patients long dead reaching out to grab her and demanding to know why she didn't save them, and the betrayal of the previous evening. Her mind was assaulted as it tumbled through the catacombs of her memory. Death would have been a pleasant reprieve.

*For more information regarding Anarchy Online's remarkably rich story timeline, please visit: Anarchy Online Story Time Line

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Chapter Eleven: Down The Rabbit Hole We Go
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