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 February 19, 29485

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PostSubject: February 19, 29485   Sat Feb 19, 2011 1:19 pm

Hi! My name is Tagzurit, and I'm royally pissed. My ship was blasted out of the atmosphere by Aliens and I've crash landed on some type of island for new recruits on a planet called Rubi-ka. Now that I've taken a moment to look around, this could be where they place those missing a gene or two from their genetic make up. What do you mean I'm rude? Look, I've been around the galaxy a time or two and these life forms are acting as if they've never seen a surf lizard, much less formed a complete sentence. I mean give me a break - what the bloody two suns does 'crd plz' mean other than I'm too stupid, or worse too lazy to actually speak with vowels. Also, have some self-respect. Running around like a leet with your head cut off doesn't do much to improve your less than stellar image. And what's with all this running to the left? What's wrong with straight ahead, or the right?

Okay, enough with my ranting. I need to take stock. It appears during the crash I managed to loose all my inventory, including my weapons. I've also manage to loose my armor - how this happened is beyond me. I have zero credits and all my skills have been wiped. So, basically all I have are these pathetic under garments on my back, my communications relay that's being flooded by whinny babble from these morons, and my wits. I feel a headache coming on. Oh isn't this special, one of these dolts just cast 'body boost' upon me. I guess I'll be nice and say thank you, even though I'd rather stick a sharp object in my eye.

Now, where the blazes was I? Ah, yes - taking stock. I'm screwed. That done, let's see exactly what's around me. Headless leets of all professions and races - they will be of no use to me. To my left is a great expanse of beach abundant with all types of wild life. This is good for they will be a great source of credits and needed items. Straight ahead is a group of these headless leets surrounding what appears to be some type of authority figure. To my right, the viewing area is limited to a grassy knoll and then vast amounts of sea. I guess I should go straight ahead and see what this Brandon Thorn is all about. Perhaps he'll have something for my growing headache.

I now have a sneaky suspicion of why I have no weapon. If I did I'd have shot Mr. Thorn between the eyes. I mean who does he think he is by increasing my ip just because I touch him? I guess I should be grateful, but back in my day we had to earn our ip. None of this giving it away. On top of that the man just babbles on. I've now developed a twitch to go with my growing headache.

Oh isn't this special. It appears Mr. Thorn is a sneaky devil. He placed the perfect starter weapon, and nano-program for my breed in my inventory. He also placed healing kits for my health and nano. The health kit took care of my headache. Seems I'm stuck with the twitch. My mood has improved somewhat, so I guess I won't shoot Mr. Thorn. Hmmm. Mr. Thorn does have some good advice regarding inventory, skill system, fighting, equipment, what happened to the ship, and aliens. I hope these headless leets actually listen to what he has to say. It would make Rubi-ka a much more enjoyable place if they did.

My oh my, Mr. Thorn's sneaky ways continue. He's given me a mission. Sweetness! I always was a task/reward kind of gal! The mission seems simple enough - I'm to run around tagging various animals. Pfft, simple as inhaling a delicious piece of Mongol Mincemeat Cut-Cake. Prior to taking off and joining the masses of headless leets, I'll take a moment to increase my skills. I'm focusing on just what I need to get by. I max only my attributes, body development, nanoprogramming, weapon skills, speed and evade close combat. The rest can wait until I have a need for them.

I quickly found the beach leet, island reet, surf lizard, and shore snake and returned to Mr. Thorn who promptly gave me a light bar . Never underestimate the power of good lighting! He then offered me another mission that was just too good to pass up. This time I get to shoot stuff! Oh happy day!

After killing the beach leet, island reet, surf lizard, and shore snake, I returned to Mr. Thorn. He didn't let me down and before you could say BBQ leet! I had equipped the Blackmane's Belt he'd given me. I'm starting to like this guy! He made a simple request to go show my new belt to Antonio Stacklund and gave me a general idea where to find him. He also told me what I could do with the monster parts I'd found. I'd hug him, but I have my reputation to uphold. I gave him a curt "Thanks" and abruptly set off to find Mr. Stacklund.

Along the way to Mr. Stuckland I shot mobs at will, looting from their corpses. I put on the bits and pieces of armor I found and by the time I reached Mr. Stuckland I looked like something a heckler dragged in. Even so, this was better than the undergarments I'd had on just moments ago. I'd also managed to level a time or two.

It appears I was premature in putting on the belt since Mr. Stuckland wanted to 'see' it. I had to unequip the dang thing since he refused to take my word that I had it. I debated about shooting him, but I thought I'd best see what he had to offer first. He gave me a much needed NCU memory and upgraded my belt to a Blackmane's Belt Component Platform . So once again I was glad I kept my itchy trigger finger under control. I quickly sold my loot, checked out the shops, had a chat with the various factions recruitment officers, and then was off to explore the island. Well I'll sign off for now. Until next time remember to keep locked and loaded and your aim true. ~Tagz

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February 19, 29485
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