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 Chapter Nine: As It Should Be

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PostSubject: Chapter Nine: As It Should Be   Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:07 pm

As expected the Wanted Alive! announcement, or more precisely the reward, had ever low life on Rubi-ka looking for her. What wasn't expected was the onslaught of stupidity that currently flooded the waiting room. The receptionist had bolted shrieking in terror five minutes ago. What a sight that had been! Atroxes rarely showed emotion. He made a mental note to review the security camera logs. He chuckled at the thought of watching it over and over, perhaps in slow motion or better, in reverse! A loud bang followed by shouting snapped him back to the present.

Turning back to his monitors he surveyed the waiting room. It was filled to capacity with thugs. Each in possession of their interpretation of the Wanted Alive! doctor. It appeared these dolts had grabbed the first nanomage (some not even female!) they'd encountered.

He calmly pressed the intercom and cheerfully greeted his guest. He thanked them for their thoroughness and asked them to prepare for his inspection. He watched with utter joy as more shoving, pushing, and a few fist fights ensued. Again, he calmly pressed the intercom and without masking his amusement chuckled, "Now, now, settle down. As soon as you do" he teased, "I'll be out to reward you." There was a low murmur of excitement that rippled though the crowd as they began to settled down.

The moment the hush fell, he opened his office door and reveled as all eyes turned expectantly toward him. He stood there a moment enjoying the attention. Then without a word he walked over to the first thug and shot him between the eyes. He had sent four to reclaim before it became apparent to the stunned crowd he planned to send them all there. Needless to say there was a mass exodus. He continued helping them along by firing into the crowd. He wasn't selective - thug, nanomage hostage, it made no difference to him. Those that thought to attack back were quickly picked off by the alarm sentries spawned by the security camera.

Two minutes from his first shot the waiting room was empty. Ten minutes later, all was back as it should be. Thirty minutes from the first shot, he had a new receptionist, a young, bright-eyed opifex, manning the front desk. She was listening to her new employer's bellowing laughter coming from behind his closed office door. She couldn't help but smile at her good fortune and looked forward to meeting her new boss.

Wiping tears of laughter from his eyes he commanded his computer to continuously play the security camera's log of the last few minutes. He didn't think he'd ever grow tired of watching it.

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Chapter Nine: As It Should Be
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