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 Chapter Eight: Have to Start Somewhere

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PostSubject: Chapter Eight: Have to Start Somewhere   Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:58 pm

Brow furrowed in concentration he studied the four immediate possibilities of where she may have gone. The yalm was in the far northwestern corner of Southern Artery Valley, the ejected parts in the far northeastern corner of Stret East Bank. Both locations gave her easy access to either Upper Stret East Bank, or Central Artery Valley. Four possible zones she had quick and easy access.

Understanding that most people attempting to run tend to go to familiar places, he wondered what in this area was familiar and safe to her. She'd had little time to plan so where would she instinctively go? He barked out a hearty laugh when he noted her former city and the client's head quarters were located in Upper Stret East Bank. He doubted she'd be foolish enough to actually be in this zone, but perhaps for that very reason she had. The proverbial hiding under your nose came to mind. Well, he had to start somewhere so it might as well be here. Adjusting the map display before him, he began to study Upper Stret East Bank more closely.

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Chapter Eight: Have to Start Somewhere
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