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 Chapter Seven: Moving On

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PostSubject: Chapter Seven: Moving On   Thu Dec 30, 2010 6:49 pm

The forceful ejection had her somersaulting so violently she thought her spine would rip from her body. Her stomach had been relocated to her throat and she struggled to keep its contents where they belonged.

What seemed an eternity later, she heard the seat's balancing mechanisms whirl to life, followed by the soft hum of the landing boosters. Not waiting for the seat to complete its balancing act, she unfastened her safety harness. No sooner had she begun plummeting to the ground she cast the Phasefront nanoprogram spawning a nondescript black Banshee on her first attempt. "Thank the Suns!" She cried with relief. She'd feared receiving the 'You must be standing still!' error.

She allowed a brief moment for the world to stop spinning and made sure she still had her spine. Her stomach she feared had permanently relocated to her throat. Surveying the ground below she quickly realized attempting to cover her tracks was futile. She had done the best she could not to add additional information to the debris below. It was time to move on.

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Chapter Seven: Moving On
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