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 Chapter Six: Patience is a Virtue

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PostSubject: Chapter Six: Patience is a Virtue   Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:25 pm

He had grown impatient. Abruptly he swiveled his luxurious chair away from the picturesque view of the setting suns toward his desk. He reached for his comm relay then thought better of it. As impatient as he was to have her in his possession, he was no fool. One did not inquire about status updates, or demand information from The Mercenary. Just thinking about the one and only time he'd met The Mercenary made his mouth run dry, his spine tingle with dread, and his scrotum shrivel. If there was such a thing as walking death, The Mercenary epitomized it.

Ah well, there were other ways to accomplish what he wanted. Placing a Wanted Alive! reward of 1 billion credits would work quite nicely. Feeling rather pleased with himself he picked up his comm relay and broadcasts the Wanted Alive! announcement. Patience was never one of his strong suits - especially when it involved his needs.

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Chapter Six: Patience is a Virtue
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