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 Finding the Agency

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PostSubject: Finding the Agency   Sat Dec 11, 2010 7:49 am

In order to get either a regular or alien DM you first need to go to the Agency Office. Big surprise, right?
Now, where have these people set up shop?

They can be found in Rome (for Ommers and neuts) as well as in Old Athen (for Clan heroes and neuts) but the offices, while having the name on the buildings, are not necessarily easy to find.

However, spread throughout the various cities are what appear to be a combination of ads and guides that can lead you to this new way of fighting both the Alien invaders but also the new ways of taking part of the daily struggle between ommers and Clans.

If you right-click on such a signpost it will give you an option to get a mission to actually find these offices.
Mission description is something like this:

(Obviously it varies depending on which office you're looking for..)

In Rome you will find a building with this discreet sign on it:

In Old Athern, not far from the Grid terminal, you will find this one:

There are also roadsigns, this one is in Rome:

Since it is a bit difficult to find the Ommer one, here's the map showing the location in relation to the Rome Grid terminal and Whom-Pahs:

When you get into the office you will find (if you are able to enter both, that is) that the layout is similar.
There are a couple of differences, like in the Rome office there are some nice velvet ropes leading you to where you initially need to go:

You can, if you so choose, jump over these ropes but some Agency employees (and OT bigwigs) frown on such displays of personal independence and exuberance.
Anyway, to go with the flow and what you're intended to meekly do without any outward sign of unconformity..
Right in front of you is a receptionist, this one is the Ommer version:

In their Clan Office the Agency has had the decency to employ a human being, realising that we're not drones but people:

In order to get a mission you must first talk to this receptionist - you need only do this once as the Agency is not involved in the Ommer/Clan conflict so their database is planet-wide, as it were.

In order to get regular Daily Missions you now need to go to the room on your right.
In the Rome office you'll meet this person:

If you're in the Old Athen office you'll be dealing with this guy:

For your Alien Daily Mission needs you'll have to go into the room on your left where you'll meet someone well versed in the dealings with the Alien menace.
In the Rome office it's this fellow:

And in the OA office it's him:

The Agency has recognised that Clanners are independent and both willing and able to do things on their own.
To this end there is a transporter in the Clan office near the Alien Handler. This will take you straight to the Outzone, just like if you went to Andromeda and boarded a shuttle:

In the Rome office you can go into the Senior Handler's office (see below) and you'll find a teleporter:

This will take you straight to the Outzone - it was installed at the request of OT officials, far too many employees were unable to follow the directions to find the regular shuttle. Some educational system..

In case you're interested in PvP you can go talk to the Senior Handler, the two different people are shown here, omni first:

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Finding the Agency
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