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 DM - Cyborg Infiltration

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PostSubject: DM - Cyborg Infiltration   Thu Dec 02, 2010 9:08 pm

Cyborg Infiltration

Description: An aggressive branch of the cyborg population has set up a command center. You have been requested to infiltrate this location, with your primary objective being intrusion. By pretending to be one of the cyborgs, your goal is to study their behavior - A specialized program linked to your NCU and HUD will automatically report back to the Agency headquarters as you infiltrate their headquarters.

After you have infiltrated the command center, you will need to use a combined Information Tool on the Prototype Inferno located deep within the barracks - To do this, follow the instructions on the information tool. Once you have done this, your mission will be considered complete and you may leave the command center.

As part of the Freelancer Inc. services you will receive an Equipment Pack in your inventory - This pack contains important items you will need to complete this mission.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Before you even begin this mission make sure you have the required 26 IP in perception needed to use the Information Tool – Combined. Shift/left click upon the tool to read its description/requirements. If you lack the IP, you can buff both intelligence and sense to slightly increase your perception skill. Then and only then use your IP to increase your perception.

Now you are off to the Cyborg Barracks! It's located in the upper northeast part of Greater Tir County.

The exact location will update to your map when you receive the mission. The orange compass waypoint will load once you are in Greater Tir County.

The mobs along the way ranged from 7 to 31. The Cyborgs in and out of the barracks ranged in the mid 70’s.

Right clicking on the equipment pack will spawn the Information tool – Combined and the Vacuum packed Cyborg Costume. WARNING: The Vacumm packed Cyborg Costume will equip to your back slot. The Social Back slot does not activate the costume. If you’ve twinked on a back item, you may not wish to do this mission.

Before you get too close to the Cyborg Barracks activate the Cyborg Costume. The Cyborgs will think you are one of them and will not agg. Now you can waltz right into the barracks and work your way toward the command center.

As you explore the barracks, use the information tool on some of the cyborgs you encounter. Eventually you will find the one that will complete the mission.

Oh, be sure to leave Janella Gheron alone. There’s a reason she’s tucked away in a dark corner. She has absolutely no patience for curious players pretending to be cyborgs. >.<

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DM - Cyborg Infiltration
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