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 DM - Crash site: Fearplanters

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PostSubject: DM - Crash site: Fearplanters   Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:45 pm

Crash Site: Fearplanters

Description: Numerous crash sites dot the surface of Rubi-Ka, unlucky ships brought down from space either by gravity or something more... explosive. These sites have become popular gathering spots for the rejected and forgotten - Mutants, scavengers, cyborgs, and other such unpleasantness. Clear one such area from these threats to claim your reward.

Kill 5 Fearplanters
Kill 5 Drill Surgeons
Kill 5 Chaos Beetles
Kill 5 Babyfaces
Kill 5 Bileswarm Workers


To begin this daily mission you will head to Milky Way (location uploads to your map and compass) to the location of a large crash site.

These aggressive mobs range from levels 70’s to 80’s and are easily found around the crash site. The mission is complete when you have killed the requested number of mobs in the order listed.


Drill Surgeon

Chaos Beetle


Bileswarm Worker

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DM - Crash site: Fearplanters
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