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 Acquire Bio Sample

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PostSubject: Acquire Bio Sample   Wed Dec 01, 2010 8:35 am

This is a team mission.

Beware, this is not like other team missions in that only the toon pulling the mission will be able to complete it and get the reward.
Other team members will get AXP froim the kills along the way and nothing else to show for their effort - but more than one toon can pull a mission at any one time so if all members pull the same mission and complete it at the same time..

When pulling this mission you are given a container that needs to be filled with some biological material to help scientists figure out how to get rid of these aliens.
To do so you must head to the Outzone - this specific mission was done on a L172 and a L15x toon so we ended up in Sector 7.

You get there the same way you get to the ship with the solo missions; go to ICC, find the Unicorn transport shuttle service..
(Or, if you're Clan you can use the teleporter in the Agency office.)
Once in the transit area locate the signposts and find the lift to Sector 7, simply click on the lever and it'll take you there.

Sector 7 .
Such a nice place, calm and quiet..
Oops, sorry, I was thinking of something completely different.
In fact the Unicorns are hard pressed to hold the area, the ship that crashed here seems to have been a colonial transporter, chok full of cocoons that are working overtime to spawn more of those pesky bugs.

As you proceed towards your objective you will pass through the fights at the perimetter and even through the fence. But do not worry, this fence is calibrated correctly so it will not instantly turn you into a plate of delicious, crisp garlic fries.

Aliens are running around on the outside but they are very intent on dealing with the Unicorns and quite content to leave other travellers in peace.
If you choose to do so you can engage an otherwise inactive alien in combat, you might even kill it, and so gain more AXP. Be careful when doing so, it's like all other outdoors hunting: if the alien has any friends around he may get help..

Feel free to look around the area, it is quite beautiful but also barren - we are, after all, outside the terraformed zone and this part of the planet gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "barren desert."

You will find a crashed alien ship - you can see it from a ways off or you can follow the stream of aliens to find out where they are coming from - and this is the area for your mission. Where the aliens emerge is the doorway you'll use to enter.
Jump up onto the ledge and go through the dark opening - a fair warning of what awaits on the inside.

You're now inside, in a T- shaped room.
On either side and to your front are doors behind which are more rooms and hallways, populated with aliens, both living and dead.
Me, I like the dead ones better; at least they're not trying to actively kill me any more.

As you make your way through the ship you should be warned that some of these aliens are wandering around, seemingly dazed - but not more so than they know full well that they dislike you without even knowing you. Rude bunch!

Your objective is found on the other side of the ship.
Naturally so, right? It'd be so much more kind of these aliens to have it next to the entrance but after all they are quite rude and inconsiderate.

So here you are, your location is at the bottom of the minimap, your objective is at the top, slightly to the right of center. (At least it was to the right in this case, other ships may have slightly different interior layouts, depending on which class of ship it is.)

You can either try to go around the edges or you can strike out through the middle of the ship.
When you look at your minimap you will be able to see where the aliens are congregating (it appears to be right close to the coffee machines, which I fully understand) and where some workaholics are busy trying to fix this bucket of bolts.

Once you get through/over/around the various guards and technicians you can open the door into a large room and see your objective, a gooey, slimy substance in a trough in the floor, filled with cocoons.
More worryingly, at the far end of the ship is an Alien Mother.
I think you came on the wrong day, her demeanor is certainly indicative of severe hormonal activity..

So, you would like a sample of that goo to show to the boffins at the Agency..
In order to get it you have to wade right into the pool and right-click the container. This will make you want to clean your armor very thoroughly and then burn it to a crisp! Icky!!

By now you're quite likely to attract the attention of the Alien Mother..thingy who seems to take a seriously dim view of your sample collecting.
I mean, what is wrong with her? You're not trying to hurt her precious, little killing machines, you're simply taking a sample of whatever "nutrients" they're growing..

Seemingly there are some people who on some occasions cannot be reasoned with.
She will start to call you names and bishslap you - and she packs quite a punch!

Here's the thing, she also has a nifty little warp skill, you can be two rooms away, running headlong for the door and the next instant you're right in front of her.. Not a pretty sight and certainly not the place you want to be..
On the other hand, she is quite content to give you a free ride home through the Soldier Grid - which after all is quite a lot faster than having to backtrack all the way out again, then slog all the way back to the lift..

Whichever way you get back, just head to the Agency and hand in the sample.
I mean, you did remember to get the sample, right?

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Acquire Bio Sample
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