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 Chapter Five: Very Interesting Indeed

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PostSubject: Chapter Five: Very Interesting Indeed   Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:02 pm

Her last known coordinates were downloaded directly into his communication relay, then promptly uploaded on to his planet map. The ‘x’ marking her last known location was just inside Southern Artery Valley. According to the most recent data from the tracking devices there had been no other activity since she’d zoned at 17:24. That was 20 minutes ago.

“Very interesting,” he mused as he entered the grid in hot pursuit.

The Mercenary knew instinctively as he approached her yalm that it was unoccupied. However, decades of training had him approach with caution. He scanned the vehicle one last time and again the readout displayed a lack of life forms. So much for the tracking devices the client had placed the Mercenary thought with dripping sarcasm. Turning his attention back to the yalm, he watched it as it hovered just above ground and slightly past the zoning point. Its roof was missing leaving the obvious conclusion she had evacuated. Since the roof was nowhere to be seen, or any other parts of the yalm, she’d evacuated prior to hitting the zone. There were also no signs she’d placed foot anywhere in the near proximity of the yalm. He quickly explored the interior of the yalm finding the stashed Ancient Scraps of Spirit Medical Knowledge but nothing else of interest. He then turned his attention to the yalm’s computer.

“Computer.” He demanded.

“Password please.” It promptly responded.

The Mercenary removed a small, delicate device from his pack. Then effortlessly dislodged the computers front panel and inserted the device directly into the computer's mainframe. He quickly uploaded a few commands and easily reviewed all of the computer transactions. The Mercenary found himself highly amused, but none the wiser when he'd completed his review.

Stepping through the zone his scanning equipment confirmed what he knew. She was long gone. The yalm's ejected roof, seat, and various other insignificant pieces lay less than five feet from the zone. He admired the skill or luck it would take to manage such a feat.

Quickly he advanced upon the yalm's roof and examined it for signs of head impact. Very lucky indeed he thought. He checked the surrounding area and found no signs of disturbance. Not one blade of grass was out of place. He found this most interesting. He went back to the yalm's roof and picked it up as if it was weightless. He looked closely at the ground underneath and found nothing.

"Very interesting indeed." He thought.

Tossing the roof aside he absently starred off toward the horizon as he systematically reviewed what he'd learned so far. He concluded this location was not random, she was indeed lucky, and possibly a worthy adversary. What he hadn't figured out was her location. He looked back toward the horizon noting the suns would be setting in less than two hours. She had less than a half-hour start. Would she continue to move, or find somewhere to hide?

As he pondered the million credit question, he looked again at the pristine ground where the yalm's ejected pieces had fallen. He walked back over to the seat and wondered how it was that it landed without her footprints being anywhere around. What had she done differently? How could she land and not leave some type of impression on the ground?

A scarred eyebrow raised as a possible solution presented itself: She did not land. How she had done this was of no concern to him. The resourcefulness however was. His impression of her had changed dramatically in the last few minutes. It had been a very long time since his skills had been challenged. What passed as a smile found its way to his lips. Had anyone seen this, they’d have fainted on the spot thinking they were to be eaten alive. The smile broadened as he punched in the needed request and a holographic image of the surrounding terrain materialized before him. Hunching over it, demonic smile plastered upon his face, he began reviewing it in earnest.

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Chapter Five: Very Interesting Indeed
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