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 DM - Infestation Aegean

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PostSubject: DM - Infestation Aegean   Sun Nov 28, 2010 9:16 pm

Infestation Aegean

Description: There have been reports of eremite infestations in the south-west corner of Aegean, close to the Rhinoman Village.

Shy Eremites live underground, their tunneling slowly eroding the dirt underneath the forest. If not stopped, these tunnels could lead to a devastating collapse of the bedrock within the area, destroying the entire ecosystem. Your mission is to set up decoy devices in the following locations, to lure the eremites to the surface and ensure that their population levels are brought down to a minimum.

To find an eremite, look for sand paths on the ground in Aegean - Keep your eyes peeled and look for signs of eremites living along the paths. When you see signs of an eremite, use the decoy construct to lure the eremite to the surface for extermination.


The mission location is in the far southwest corner of Aegean. For my level 16 Crat this was one arduous journey. There are various ways one can attempt to get to this location, so I’ll leave that up to you. For my sad little gimped toon I chose the whom-pah route from Borealis to Stret West Bank. I then followed the road from Stret West Bank toward Aegean. The mobs I encountered along the way ranged from 8 to 160. Luckily the higher level mobs do not agg. There were a few rollerrats that will agg and had my full attention, but luckily they left my toon alone.

Once I zoned into Aegean from Stret West Bank (4th light post = zone), the mission location was a short distance away. Coords: 359, 349.

Right clicking upon the Decoy Construct found in your inventory will emit a soft vibration. If nothing happens, you need to move to another location and try again.

I won’t spoil the fun for those that have never had the pleasure of meeting an eremite, but when you’re in the right location there will be no room for doubt. The mission is completed once you’ve killed five of the shy eremites.

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DM - Infestation Aegean
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