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 ADM - And you will leave in pieces...

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PostSubject: ADM - And you will leave in pieces...   Sun Nov 28, 2010 4:08 pm

...And you will leave in pieces

Description: After being damaged by the Notum Cannons, an alien ship was forced to crash land in Andromeda. From this ship, alien larvae keeps pouring out. You're commissioned to enter the alien ship and kill the origin, the cocoon, that spawns these larvae.

Head toward ICC (Andromeda) coords: 3088, 1264. Here you will find a crashed alien spaceship.

Upon closer inspection you will note several alien larvae levels mid 20’s to mid 30’s around the exterior of the ship. These larvae ignored my level 90 toon and killing them was anti-climatic.

The entrance to the alien ship is located toward the rear of the ship.

Entering the ship places you into a large room briefly uninhabited by aliens. Level one larvae making their trek from the depths of the ship to the exterior of the ship are constantly coming into this room to exit and will attack. However, as you go further into the ship, these pesky larvae will ignore you if you are in fight with the higher level mobs. You will find two higher level mobs in each of the larger rooms of the ship. The mission is complete once the cocoon has been killed.

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ADM - And you will leave in pieces...
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