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 DM - Nomad Camp: Wasteprowlers

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PostSubject: DM - Nomad Camp: Wasteprowlers   Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:44 pm

Nomad Camp: Wasteprowlers

Description: The inhabitants of the slum town in Wailing Wastes live in whatever rubbish they can find. Most of their building material is recycled hazardous waste, leading to more and more infant mutants.

There are resources nearby, but the poor people are losing more than gaining from trying to collect them. Hunt down various creatures in the area to help them survive.

Kill 5 Wasteprowlers
Kill 5 Scorpiods
Kill 5 Bloodcreepers
Kill 5 Pixies
Kill 5 Hammerheads

After each kill it will be announced in vicinity chat how many are left to fulfill your quota. These mobs can be found all over Wailing Waste. The mission will also upload the mobs locations. However, the missions locations seem to be in areas full of other very aggressive and sometimes higher level mobs. After killing all the mobs in the order listed the mission will be complete.

Below are a few other locations where you can find the mobs needed.

Wasteprowlers: 747, 2063 levels ~25

Scorpoids: 718, 1784 levels 20 to 30

Bloodcreepers: 1287,1901; 1348,1968 levels ~30

Pixies: 470, 2057 levels ~30 to 40

Hammerheads: 1920, 2180 levels 30 to 50

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DM - Nomad Camp: Wasteprowlers
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