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 DM - Infiltration Preparation

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PostSubject: DM - Infiltration Preparation   Sat Nov 27, 2010 5:15 pm

Infiltration Preparation

Description: An aggressive branch of the cyborg population has set up a command centre. An infiltration operation is in progress and authentic cyborg parts have been requested.

Your mission is to extract material needed for the making of genuine cyborg costumes from cyborgs of various ranks.

The cyborgs in Greater Tir County is appropriate to your level.

Three different parts are needed: A Quality Augmented Wrist, a Corroded Chest Plate, and Hellsoldier Signet.

Return these parts to the Agency Receptionist.


Take the West Gate in Tir, head north until you zone into Greater Tir County. Then head toward coords: 3229, 2348.

The mobs in and out of the cyborg headquarters range in the 70 to 80's. The three items needed can be found on the lower level cyborgs inside the HQ.

This is a rather small dungeon and at times can be camped. Luckily the mobs have a quick re-spawn rate. Once you've collected the three items listed above, return to the Agency Receptionist to complete the mission.

Below is a list of other loot that can be found in this static dungeon:

Augmented Cyborg Armor

Hellfury Assault Cannon

Hellspinner Shock Cannon

Augmented Deimos’ Bio-Enhanced Feedback Rifle

Bastion of Deimos

Deimos’ Bio-Enhanced Feedback Rifle

Sub-Dermal Vengeance Screen

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DM - Infiltration Preparation
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