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 DM - Wasteland Recycling

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PostSubject: DM - Wasteland Recycling   Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:42 am

Wasteland Recycling

Description: One of our clients is interested in recycling materials. Every city has them; waste dumped outside the city limits ripe for the taking.

Kill various mutant creatures, failed experiments and forgotten war machinery in Wartorn Valley to get the resources you are looking for, at the same time you are doing the world of Rubi-Ka a favor.

Once collected them all, give the following items to the Agency Receptionist.

Bio Matter
Rusty Spikes
Metal Scraps
Toxic Waste
Flexible Backbone
Augmented Muscle Mass


To get to Wartorn Valley, take the Aegean (east gate) in Old Athens.

This will take you directly to Wartorn Valley.

All you need now is to roam this vast wasteland trying to find the mobs that will drop the needed items. The mobs around this area ranged from level 7 to 25.

The mobs I found most helpful were:

Buckhead tech-scavenger:

Buzzsaw Metal Grinder:

Horribly Failed Experiment:

Programmed Warbot:

These mobs ranged from level 7 to 25. They were not aggressive. However, be forewarned. If you attack one of these mobs and others of its kind are nearby, there is a chance those mobs will become aggressive. Also note the items dropped are all recycled and the Agency Receptionist will accept them to complete the mission.

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DM - Wasteland Recycling
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