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 DM - One Foggy Hill

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PostSubject: DM - One Foggy Hill   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:18 pm

One Foggy Hill

Description: The Enigma has always been and are most probably always going to be a mystery to mankind. Several scientists have studied these creatures that only exist on Rubi-Ka, but never fully or even partly understood what they're all about. Not quite animal, but certainly not plant, they mostly keep to themselves in the great forests on the planet. Though as it is with all life, everything has a backside. There has been a rift between the Enigmas. Dark enigma is turning on their own, killing the sustainable yet fragile sprouts.

Visit one of the foggy rock shrines in Pleasant Meadows, many dark enigma gather here.

Save the sprouts. Kill 3 Dark Enigmas.


The Foggy Hill is located in Pleasant Meadows, coords: 1187, 1208.

Mobs around that area are between 40 – 150’s, including very nasty Gunbeetles.

The mission will begin when you enter into the center of the rock formation. Dark enigmas (same level of your toon) will spawn and begin attacking the Enigma sprout.

You must kill the Dark Enigmas before they kill the Enigma Sprout. Make sure once the Dark Enigmas are killed that you target the Enigma Sprout to complete the mission. Should you be unsuccessful in killing all the Dark Enigmas before they kill the Enigma Sprout, the mission quickly resets in under 10 minutes.

**Pet classes may have an extra Dark Enigma to kill. My MP had 4 to kill versus three.

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DM - One Foggy Hill
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