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 DM - A Contingent Spy

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PostSubject: DM - A Contingent Spy   Thu Nov 25, 2010 11:50 pm

A Contingent Spy

Description: We believe we have found a secret Omni-Med research lab in The Longest Road and we need to find out what they are up to. The facility is open at daytime but not at night, so the first part of your mission is simple: Kill everyone inside and make sure you take their Access Cards. Hack the Access Cards with the Access Hacking Tool. When you have hacked 8 Access cards, connect the Access Hacking Tool to the Agency Communication Unit to upload the data to us.

The second part of your mission will be to find out what plans Omni-Med have, we will contact you and provide you with spying equipment at the right time.

As part of the Freelancer Inc. services you will receive an Equipment Pack in your inventory - This pack contains important items you will need to complete this mission.

Take the Whom-Pah to Bliss and go north east from there to find the mission location.


The equipment pack mentioned above spawns into your inventory when the mission is accepted. Right clicking upon it will spawn the Access Hacking Tool and the Agency Communication Unit.

Going northeast when you enter Bliss from the whom-pah will get you absolutely nowhere fast. I spent way too long discovering this tidbit of valuable info. A great big /fblock to whoever wrote that in the mission description. >.<

When you enter Bliss from the Old Athens whom-pah, go south then southeast and exit the city. Your final destination are coordinates: 4173, 1741.

When you update these coordinates onto your PF map, you’ll see that once you exit the city, you will now be heading in the northeast direction. However, this journey will lead you through level 20 to 30ish Pinner Scorpoids which are aggressive and quite nasty for the level toons that roll this mission. Once you get closer to your destination there are Omni guards around level 30 to contend with.

Once inside the secret Omni-med research lab it’s best to remain there since leaving will reset the mission. The mobs encountered were 3 levels higher than my toon and consisted of Omni med guards and surgeons. Both mobs self-heal.

There are exactly 8 mobs to kill and each one drops the Omni-med Employee Access Card. To add the card to the Access Hacking Tool, left click on the card and shift/right click the card on the tool.

Once all the access cards were added to the Access Hacking Tool combine it with the Clan Agency Communication unit. This action will spawn a Medical Supply Box Transformation into your inventory. This box comes with very specific directions. Shift and left click upon the box to view these directions. I won’t spoil the fun for you, but do make sure your NCU window is open (control/zero) and that once in hiding you remain tight even if the mission updates telling you to go to the agency. You’ll know when to come out of hiding.

Update: WARNING - You may wish to delete all reflect buffs and/or remove reflect bracers prior to going into hiding. My MP kept getting attacked even though he was not moving. I had terminated my pets, so that wasn't the issue. Once I removed my reflect bracers I was able to complete the mission without difficulty.

10/06/11 - 18.4.8 Update: The NPCs associated with this mission no longer have a chance of attacking you while you're hiding in the box.

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DM - A Contingent Spy
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