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 DM - Grid Runner: The Grid

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PostSubject: DM - Grid Runner: The Grid   Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:01 pm

Grid Runner: The Grid

Mission description:

The Grid is Rubi-Ka's virtual highway. Your body can be encoded into digital form and travel from any location to another on the planet. Since creation the grid has experienced temporary disturbances, source unknown.

You are commissioned to complete a routine check of the grid itself, assuring it's running stable.

You may need to train additional points in Computer Literacy to travel with the grid.

Use the Matrix Grid Stream in the following places:

The Grid
West Athens Grid Terminal (Requires Computer Literacy of 131)

The Grid
ICC Grid Terminal (Requires Computer Literacy of 81)

The Grid
Old Athens Grid Terminal (Requires Computer Literacy of 90)

Matrix Grid Stream description:

Quality level: SPECIAL
Requirements: Computer Literature form 31
Use: Right-click to use this tool.

This tool will spawn into your inventory when you accept the mission.


This mission requires a maximum of 131 in computer literature for Clan toons and 101 in computer literature for Omni toons. If you do not have this do not despair! There are various ways of increasing your CL – placing IP into it, buffs, implants, items, etc. The toon that rolled this mission was a level 25 Atrox enforcer with 146 CL. If that Atrox can do it, trust me so can you!

To begin this mission you must first teleport into the grid. Any grid terminal will do.
Then take the Matrix Grid Stream tool, target the grid that will exit to West Athens, and right click the tool.

Note in the upper left hand corner of your screen when you right click the tool, a yellow bar will appear.

Do not teleport out of the grid until the yellow bar has filled and disappeared and your mission updated from ‘The Grid’ to ‘West Athens Grid Terminal’. Once this occurs, exit the grid. Now target the West Athens Grid Terminal with the tool and right click. The mission should now update to ‘The Grid’. Repeat the above steps with the remaining grid terminals – inside grid first, then exterior grid.

Grid locations and coordinates for Clan toons:

West Athens(470,407)

ICC (3284, 905)

Old Athens (510, 569)

For Omni toons:

Omni Trade - 75 in computer literature. Location: 409, 575

Galway - 101 in computer literature. Location: 1417, 1093 in Galaway County.

Rome - 91 in computer literature. Location: 255,318 in Rome Red.

General Comp Lit eracy Buffing items:

Computer Literacy Proficiency gives + 10

Computer Literacy Expertise gives + 20

QL 44 Galahad Inc T70 Beyer +20

Comp Lit Implants: +136 with QL 125 Head - Eye - Right Hand Implants

Buffs and items that add to Intelligence which trickle down to CL:

Intelligence Boost +12

Neuronal Stimulator +20

Ear Implant

Second-Hand Old English Trading Co.

Cheap Uncle Bazzit Diplomatic

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DM - Grid Runner: The Grid
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