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 DM - Basic Shop Lifter

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PostSubject: DM - Basic Shop Lifter   Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:42 pm

Basic Shop Lifter

This daily mission will require you to visit the opposite faction's basic, advanced, and superior stores, in that order, to 'hack' the medical terminals.

You do this by using the Advanced Hacker Tool that you receive when you right clicked upon the equipment pack that spawned in your inventory when you received the mission.

Hacking the medical terminals requires you to target the shop and right click upon it with the Advanced Hacker Tool. Seems easy enough, except that you will become pvp enabled the minute you hack the first shop. Fun times indeed. ^^

Each successful hacking will spawn a medical supply reward into your inventory (Battle Prepared Nano Recharge Kit for me) the same ql of your toon.

It's my understanding that this mission only occurs on toons level 200 or greater. At that level entering the enemies territory should not be too much trouble.

If you're Clan, head to the Trade District and the basic, advanced, and superior stores will be found at coords (292,425), (219,432), and (307, 203) respectively.

If you are Omni, head to West Athens where the shops can be found at coords (457,382), (357,403), and (321,424).

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DM - Basic Shop Lifter
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