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 ADM Seedy Growth

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PostSubject: ADM Seedy Growth   Thu Nov 18, 2010 7:32 am

Ok, this one is a bit more peaceful than most of these missions.

This time you're given a container and sent to collect specimens of alien plants infestating Rubi-Ka. For lower level toons you're to go to the area around Newland, for higher level toons it's in Milky Way.

(The description mentions a series of missions, this is only because it updates as you collect samples.)
The container looks like this:

The location is north of Newland, indicated on the compass and planet map - or like here on the playfield map, aka the minimap.

Basically, go out Newland West Gate, turn right (to the north) and then the flowers are around the barren outcropping on your right, just past the city wall.
West gate:

Or go out the north gate and the rock outcropping is to your left, pretty much right outside the gate:

Be aware that the rock is actually infested with toxic pollen so low or very low level toons should not go there if they're low on heath - the result is a fairly low-level DoT, -77 HP per hit on this attempt, while it sounds like nothing it can be a great deal to a level 10.

If you have the monster map upgrade you'll see some red dots in the area, these are the alien flowers you're looking for. Nice but deadly.. They are scattered around the base of the rock.
Up close they look like this:

If you don't have the monster upgrade just yet then don't worry, just look around the base of the rock and you'll find the flowers.

Taget one and right click the sterile container, then go to the next plant and repeat - you need three samples in all.
Once this is accomplished you need to return to the handler and hand in the container for your reward.

The mission in Milky Way is here:

Up in the northern edge area – I'll not be giving detailed directions, I got this mission on a TL5 toon, by which time you should be able to get to Milky Way and back.

I mentioned that the mission updates, this is what that looks like:

It simply means that you've collected another sample..
The DOT hits a bit harder in the Milky Way area:

It should not really pose a threat to your toon, especially if you keep an eye on your health. Which is a good idea at all times anyway.

Once you return to the Handler you have to give back the specimen jar:

Don't worry that there is room for three items – that's just the usual FC quality showing. Apparantly it's either not considered worth the trouble or magically not possible to open only the correct number of slots – despite this actually working with other quests. Go figure..
Anyway, just hand over the jar and you'll be fine.

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ADM Seedy Growth
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