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 ADM Salvage Mission

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PostSubject: ADM Salvage Mission   Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:45 am

This time you'll get a mission to go through a damaged - but still occupied - ship and recover anything that may be useful in the fight against the invasion.
The location is the same as the Cocoon mission but when you zone in rather than being in an occupied hallway you'll find yourself in a nice, unoccupied room with three doorways leading out.

Now, odds are that you'll find many, many red dots on your minimap, including some right outside one or two of the doors but if there's a pair of them or a whole row of them you needn't worry: there has been done considerable damage to this vesssel and many of the dots are in fact large fires raging as the ship slowly disintegrates.

They are, to be more specific, QL 300 Flames and they do burn you if you aren't careful.

Also notice that your pets (if playing a pet class..) will occasionally decide to go the long way around to get to the next target - probably hoping that you'll change your mind or at least tank for them - and they will almost invariably get killed while magically aggroing the mob, which will then become rather upset with you. Annoying, really - both the pets and this completely unwarranted aggro!
However, on one occasion I watched an alien follow my pets through such a row of flames and those suits the Aliens use must be quite awesome, he didn't take damage.. Sploiter!! WTB!!

This mission is a Return Item type so as you go through the ship, killing mobs along the way, you will come across the item in question sitting in one of the little recesses in the corridor wall. That is the most common location, at least, but the item may also be out in the open in some hallway so keep your eyes open.

When you do find it simply pick it up and go on killing mobs until the ship is cleared, then return to the Mission Handler for your reward.
So far two different artefacts have been found.
One looks like this in your inventory:

Another one looks like this:

The Alien handler will ask for what you found and there will be room to trade in three items but the mission will resolve when you just hand in the one that you found.
Seemingly it wasn't considered important to actually vary the number of available slots like it's been done in most other such cases.. Sad comment on the devs, really.

One note: if you are unable to find the item then it may well have spawned in an area that is guarded by the Flames and it will then be unreachable. Simply exit the mission, this will cause it to reset and the item will now spawn in another place. At the same time the mobs will respawn and there will be more AXP available - although this can be seen as a disadvantage on slow-killing or squishy toons.

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ADM Salvage Mission
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