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 ADM Place the Bomb

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PostSubject: ADM Place the Bomb   Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:52 am

Hehe, now this is a post that'll gather some interest from the automated surveillance systems.. ^^

Upon receiving this mission you will find in your inventory a device to be used for the actual destruction of the alien craft.

The mission is located in the Outpost and you zone into an entry room.
Outside is a hallway (how surprising!) that holds three mobs, two of which are patrolling their respective halves.

The third one is (in)conveniently right across from the doorway. All three will aggro you when you're within range so pull the stationary one first, then wait for the two others to be out of synch, you can then pull them one at a time. Unless you can handle them all at once, of course, in which case you should go for it.

Clearing the ship is not really difficult, while there are roving mobs in some of the hallways they are usually far enough away from other mobs to not cause any trouble. A couple of rooms have multiple mobs, it depends on your pulling skill (and a bit of luck) if you can get these mobs but you will find out in due time.

The basic layout is four corridors forming a square, the entry room being at the bottom when looking at the minimap.
Rooms branch out from these corridors and at the top of the minimap is the ship's control bridge. Although I must say that the lack of equipment doesn't really indicate that this room is the nerve centre of the ship.. *shrug*
The bridge holds two mobs, a general and a sidekick. It is possible to pull only the admiral - he looks like the scouts from the ICC Island but hit a lot harder. The souts in the ship looks totally different..

Once both mobs are dispatched to wherever they go you will find a little mound on the floor - there's an indication when a text appears in your chatwindow along the lines of, "This looks like a good place to place the bomb."

Target the mound - there's a small area where your cursor turns into the "use" appearance - and then use (rightclick) the bomb in your inventory.
Update: It is not actually necessary to target anything, just use the bomb.
The bomb will now disappear from your inventory and appear on the floor next to your toon (under your toon, actually..)

Also a nano will show in your NCU window, counting down towards zero. This is the sign that you need to find some other place to hang out - although I haven't bothered to find out exactly what happens if you do decide to have a cup of coffee first to celebrate a job well done..

Once you make it safely out of the ship your mission updates with a request to report to the Alien Handler for your reward.

It is worth noting that attempts to place the bomb on the ground yourself, to actually use the mound or to use the bomb on the mound will not do anything except have a "using bar" appear on your screen.

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ADM Place the Bomb
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