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 ADM Spaced Out

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PostSubject: ADM Spaced Out   Sat Nov 06, 2010 9:12 am

Jokser wrote:
This is a different kind of mission, seemingly some people have been abducted (and probed?) by the aliens, the mission objective is to gather info on these incidents.

First head to Newland, the follow the road south from the West Gate (the road that passes close by the Grid terminal).
A little distance down the road you'll find a person whom you must speak to. (The name and appearance may differ over time.) He does resemble other people who have been "abducted".. just listen to him go on.. (Well, read, in this case..)

While talking to him you will be targetted for abduction but fear not: you are ready for what those pesky aliens may do to you and if there's any probing to be done you'll be the prober rather than the probee. Right?

You will get immobilized prior to the abduction and once you arrive inside the holding area you'll be attacked by an alien (specifically an Alien Defence Drone, rather squishy) so once again it's "advisable" to buff up before approaching Pedro.
Be aware that you may be teleported before or during your conversation with the rather confused Pedro - it seems there's a slight misalignment in the code somewhere, otherwise known as a "bug".

Anyway, once you've survived your first alien you now have a little time to look around - the mobs aren't roving around. Nice of them, I always think.

You are in a square room, positioned in the lower righthand corner as seen on the minimap.
In the lower lefthand and upper righthand corners are two more aliens, in the upper lefthand corner two NPCs. The middle of the room is a teleport platform, currently empty.

To advance the mission you need to kill a few of aliens but beware, the rest of them are wise to your arrival and will come to check on any "irregularities" such as technicians or other personnel getting killed.
(That is, reinforcements are teleported in to check on activities as you reduce the number of active duty personnel in there.

For the best result I killed the mob in the upper righthand corner, pulling it along the upper wall.
However, once that one is killed a new one will spawn. It has spawned in the upper righthand corner, in the upper lefthand corner and in the middle of the upper wall. At least two of those spawns caused me to take a bit longer to complete the mission, as I felt an urge to visit my old and trusted friend, Mr. Reclaim.

Survive this and another mob, usually a technician or a specialist, will spawn in the corner that you just cleared. At this time one of the other corners may get two simultaneous mobs so be very careful with adds.
Once you've killed the third alien a Supervisor will spawn on the platform in the middle of the room.
He holds an item that will get you out of that place and back to RK - but he appears to have a rather unhealthy attachment to this item, you'll in fact have to pry it from his cold, dead .. claws?

Of course, to kill him you must naturally fight him but several attempts have shown that if he is attacked he will alert the other mobs in the room, usually resulting in a swift trip to reclaim and having to start all over.
But by slowly approaching him and letting him aggro you he will (erroneously, hopefully) assume that he can handle you on his own.
He actually does have a pretty good chance of doing just that, my MP with Bela as heal pet needed to have both a behe and the highest sparklie to survive with less than 50 HP left.

Before going any further it is time to explain a second "version" of this mission, not in the sense that it takes you anywhere else but in the sense of what mobs you'll encounter.
It also proves that these aliens are either extremely advanced, extremely strange or extremely dumb. Or any combination you can think of..

This time you'll be facing a whole bunch of Alien Cocoons. Odd thing to have in a room for holding captives, especially captives with weapons and (most of us) with both the will and the skill to use them.

These cocoons can be attacked and destroyed, doing so will spawn a Hive Spawn - those things hit so hard not to mention they are so fickle with their aggro that I can think of a few other names for them - which, as they spawn one for each cocoon, you can kill relatively easily.

But there are downsides to everything. While you can let your 'Trox toon do the hula wearing nothing but a pink tutu or let your adorable lady toon dance seductively in front of the cocoons they will not be able to do either one any harm.
However, they will aggro you (from quite a distance away) and in this way take away the use of your health kits and nano rechargers, leaving you with the stims.
Not quite so amusing for a caster prof.. or a 'Trox soldier having to use his TMS..

One of the Hive Spawns will have the shiny and quite useful item in question but on this occasion you can safely choose to kill the remaining aliens, seeing how AXP is AXP.

One point about the item, it is marked, NODROP, UNIQUE - which is halfway correct.
You can never have more than one - not least because you have to give it away to get out of there.
But the thing is, you can actually give it way - it seems that "nodrop" is not what it used to be..

So now take this shiny item and go to the two NPCs.
One is a guy sitting on the floor, he's given up and is as full of initiative and knowledge as your average Rep.. Ommer drone.

However, the lady is standing up and while she has lost almost all hope she has gathered enough info to realise that the item can activate the platform - which btw. has that lazy ommer on his feet and teleporting out of there faster than if it was the end of a workday.

Now, it is also possible to give the item to the lazya... I mean, completely average Repu... Ommer, the result will be that he manages to activate the platform so you should use it before it's too late, as the lady does. I'm convinced she's Clan, as soon as there's a glimmer of a chance she's ready to take advanbtage. Meanwhile the Ommer dude is sitting there waiting for his boss to tell him what to do and how to breathe. Sad..

Actually getting out of that place:
Step onto the platform, wait for the teportation and then head on back to the Agency and report to the Mission Handler - he'll award you for yourt trouble but he didn't seem all that interested in the info, he just blew me off.. No mochies for him!

A diplomat is a man, who can describe a beautiful woman without using his hands.

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ADM Spaced Out
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