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 DM - Thesis

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PostSubject: DM - Thesis   Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:10 am

This mission was done on a level 148 Omni toon.

Mission location: an outdoor NPC in the southern part of Clondyke.

This is the Omni version of the mission described previously under the heading of Mnemonic Courier so the various details mentioned there will also apply here.

Now on to the mission.
When accepting the mission you have a DoT cast on you which (at quite a rapid pace) hits you for 100 damage. To complete the mission you need to go find an NPC in Clondyke:

Be aware that you'll most likely have to deal with the local wildlife - they
are around level 60 but you can get this mission on low-level toons, as seen in the guide to the Clan version.

Once you've reached this young lady you need to initate a conversation with her. She is really into her subject and as a result she is very verbose. In fact, you might say that she's suffereing from verbal diar.. I mean, she really, really likes to talk about her research and specifically what's wrong with this particular nano.
All the time you're being hit constantly for damage so at some point you need to tell her that your legs hurt, at which point she'll be kind enough to cancel the nano.

The doctor toon that did this mission had to get out of her Yalm once or twice on trhe way to the young scientist in order to heal up so be careful of your health.
Also, while in conversation with her be sure to keep an eye on your health and use health kits as necessary.

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DM - Thesis
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