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 DM - Extraction

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PostSubject: DM - Extraction   Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:09 am

This mission was done on a level 169 Clan toon.

Mission location was in Terra, western end of Andromeda.
Reachable by two avenues:
- gridding to Clondyke and going north (Flying is preferable as it is an OT location so guards may be around. Also, just outside is a bunch of social aggro mobs, attacking as high as level 84)
- going through ICC (again, flying is preferable, aggro mobs on the way)

The mission requires locating the target, making him/her sign a Clan application and guiding him/her safely out of the mission. The target is recognisable by it's blue name and the fact is doesn't aggro you.
The guards were green to orange.

The guards are roving the place, in this case Atrox enfos (wearing pinstripe suits and wielding briefcases - just what a mobster wishes to look like! ^^)
Killing one's way to the target can be done by pulling the mobs normally. At this point the guards stay dead.
Initiate a conversation with the target, tell him to sign the application, trade it to him and you get it back.
Once the target has signed the application the guards respawn with friends. At this point the target will attack the guards but only within a certain radius from you.
It is important to help the target kill the guards - I could not team the target, nor could I use 1st aid stims on them.
Once at the exit initiate a new conversation with the target, telling him that "We leave now" - he will despawn and the mission updates.

One cannot exit through the same door one enters - from an RP perspective, I assume, the target has to leave by the back entrance.
In case of death or leaving the mission the mobs will respawn and the target will be a different profession, in a different location.

(I may add screenies later)

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DM - Extraction
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