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 DM - Rats!

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PostSubject: DM - Rats!   Tue Jul 06, 2010 10:47 pm

Following Jokser’s excellent lead, this mission was done by a Clan 210 toon.

To begin the Rats! daily mission you will need to head to ICC.

If by grid, you’ll need computer literature of 90. If by whompa take Old Athen --> Tir --> ICC.

Once in ICC head directly to Serenity Islands (3250, 925).

When you enter Serenity Islands you’ll want to visit the Rookie Exterminator (1010,1304).

Right click upon her to begin the dialog.

She will say the following:

I suppose you're sent by the agency. Get on with it then. You have fifteen minutes. No time to waste, these little bastards are breeding like... Leets... Or worse.

You are given two options:

-What should I do again?

Pick the ‘what should I do again’ option.

She’ll reply:

There is not much to explain, the Vermin Extermination System is just a prototype and will only run for 15 minutes before it overloads. So you need to do this quickly! Just gather as many rats as you can and train them to the Vermin Extermination System. Are you ready?

When you choose the ‘yes’ option, the Vermin Extermination System, or VES, (992, 1317) will spawn. What is very important to understand is once this spawns you have exactly 15 minutes to bring 100 rollerrats to the VES. If you fail to do this, the VES will despawn. If this happens, and you have rollerrats chasing you, head directly ICC teleport (1170, 1222) and exit. You’ll need to reenter Serenity Island and begin the mission from the beginning.

You do not need to kill the rats, just get them to follow you to the VES - it will kill them for you (see pic below). Usually running close to them will be enough for them to agg you. You may need to target some of the more suborn ones. The rats can be found in and around the city. If you find yourself turned around and can't remember where the VES is, head toward the city control tower (see pic below).

Check back often with the Rookie Exterminator to see if you've met your quota. If you haven't you will note the 'I have failed' option. Don't panic. Just ignore her and find more rollerrates. When you have met your quota you will have the 'I killed 100 rollerrats!' option. UPDATE: Patch 18.3.14 added a counter to this mission. The Rookie Exterminator will now shout out how many you have killed and/or how many are left. Below is my encounter with her:

Rookie Exterminator shouts: There's the first ten done! Good job!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: and that makes twenty!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: ...and now thirty! You are on a roll!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: ...there's the big 4-0! Forty down...only 60 left!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: ...and that one was 50! Keep it up!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: ...and that one was 60! More than half done! This island smells better already!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: ...70 done! Get those screaming little vermin!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: ...and that one was 80! Just a few more and we can get out of here!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: ...and that one was 95!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: ...and that one was 99! Just ONE MORE!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: ...and that one was 100! You are done! Get over here and talk to me so we can get out of here!
Rookie Exterminator shouts: You are finished...get over here!

The rats were all level 100, and for a level 210 toon, were not an issue. However, if the rats remain level 100 regardless of the toon's level, this mission could be quite a challenge for lower level toons. Buffs that may be of help for those toons are run speed, deflect, shield, a fixer’s long lasting hot, and an Advy’s playful cub, or the Hacked Boosted-Graft Playful Cub.

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DM - Rats!
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