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 DM - Condemned Subway

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PostSubject: DM - Condemned Subway   Sun Aug 29, 2010 10:40 am

Daily Mission: Condemned Subway

Part I - Just the basics:

The objective is to kill three of each of the following mobs located throughout the Condemned Subway:

Violent Vagabonds, Muggers, Looters, Stim Fiends, Workman Striker, Neural Burnouts, Premature Patterns, Empty Shells, Melded Patterns.

The Subways are located in West Athens (390,392), Borealis (638,473), and Rome Stretch (174,874). West Athens is Clan territory. Rome Stretch is Omni territory. Borealis is neutral.

Map, general mob locations, and levels:

1. Violent Vagabonds level 6-10
2. Muggers* level 5-10
3. Looters level 10
4. Stim Fiends level 10-13
5. Workman Striker level 14
6. Neural Burnouts* level 16-18
7. Premature Patterns* level 10
8. Empty Shells* level 18
9. Melded Patterns* level 21

*Will agg

Subway - Part II - Have you lost your mind?

Level 5 Froob Clan Soldier

That was my first thought when this toon received the mission. As a seasoned player I understood what it would take to complete this mission. However, someone new to the game would be at an extreme disadvantage. More than likely, they lacked proper IP distribution, armor, weapon, implants, ncu, and basic game knowledge. With that in mind this level 5 froob toon will chronicle her journey as a guide for those new to the game.

First things first - Taking stock.

IP distribution - Making what little you have count.

To bring up the Available Improvement Points (IP) press the ‘U’ key.

At this low level, you cannot go wrong increasing, or maxing all your Abilities, Body Dev., Run Speed, Evade Cls-C, and skills needed for your weapon of choice each time you level (ding).

For the purpose of this daily mission, IP will be placed into the following on an as need basis:

Computer Literacy, Nano & Aiding skills, and Nano Pool.

Nano skills are Matter Matamorphosis, Psychological Modifications, Biological Metamorphosis, Matter Creation, Time & Space, and Sensory Improvement & Modification. These skills help you upload nanoformulas. For more information about these, check out’s site at the lower left hand side, for Profession specific nanoformulas. This will give you an idea of which nano skills are important for your profession. Be greedy with your IP. Only raise these skills if you have the nanoprograms to upload.

First Aid and Treatment will allow you to use heal kits. Treatment is also needed to put in implants.

Computer literacy (CL) helps you equip Belt Component Platforms and NCU. These hold your nano skills, or buffs. CL also helps you get into the grid.

Now it’s time to head to the subway… erm…where exactly is it?

Maps are your friend.

Pressing the‘P’ key will bring up the Planet map.

Pressing the control key and the number 6 will bring up the PlayField map (PF map).

The 'i' in the upper left corner will allow you to select options for customization.

Yippie! It’s finally time to find the subway!

Usually when you acquire a mission, you can upload it to your maps and get a general idea where you need to go. For some reason the powers that be felt it wasn’t needed for this daily mission. The problem here is the Subway is not in the same area as the Mission Agency.

If you’re Clan, head due west from the Mission Agency. Go throuth the West Athens gate. Once you zone, upload the Subway coordinates (390, 392) to your map. To upload coordinates (waypoints, or coords) to the PF map, select the 'i' button then the 'button' option. This now allows you to place coordinates that can be found by pressing f9. The coordinates are the first two numbers noted after 'POS:.' The PF map also has upgrades that can be bought in the shops and are dependent upon your navigation skill.

Uploading coords will do two things. First, it will place an orange line on your compass, which you wish to keep dead center. Second, it will place an ‘x’ on your PF map and a ‘M’ on your Planet map, marking the Subway location.

If you’re Omni, from the Agency HQ in Rome Blue (653, 314), head northeast (738,362) to Galway Shire. From there, head due south to the Subway (174,874). Neutral toons can go to either of the three Subways.

Before you enter the Subway, you may wish to save at an insurance terminal close by. This way, should you die you won’t have so far to run back. The insurance terminal by the West Athens Subway cost 100 credits per level. It’s expensive, but well worth it.

Subway - Now what?

First, take a moment to review the following guide from the ultimate Anarchy Online resource,

AO Universe:
Condemned Subway Guide

You’re going to be in the Subway for awhile, so you might as well have an understanding of all it has to offer.

Zomg! - The journey begins

My level 5 froob soldier armed with what she’d found on Noob Island, which included her BO-18 (blue offset) Assault Rifle, Blackman’s Belt with one 2-3 NCU memory, Joint Clan Shoulder pads, ql 2 mismatched armor, no implants, ring of power (I know it’s melee, but it’s pretty), light bar (never underestimate the power of good lighting), and 233 credits, entered the Subway. Oh fear meh!

The first mobs encountered were ql 4-6 filth fleas. I killed them all, looting everything as I made my way towards the Violent Vagabonds.

When I entered through the second set of double doors, I approached with caution. Muggers roam here and they are aggressive.

By the time I reached the shops, I’d dinged twice and had met my quota for Violent Vagabonds and Muggers. Looters are in and around the shop area and don’t appear to agg.

Agg testing - Use with caution!

I took a little break and distributed my IP, as described earlier, and shopped. After selling all my loot, I had enough to grab the cheapest backpack, Treatment Laboratory, and Simple First-Aid Kit. I needed to invest IP into Treatment and First Aid, but felt it was worth it since the mobs were only going to get tougher. I also invested IP into some of my professional specific starter nanoformulas I had from the Shuttle Island and uploaded them.

While I was killing my last Looter a Derange Shopper agg’ed me. I was very glad I had used IP so I could have better first-aid kits. It literally saved me. Before heading off to the next mob located on the other side of the Subway, I grabbed some higher level supplies from the Basic Quality Pharmacist. This way I wouldn’t have to backtrack and as I level. I now could add IP as needed to increase my skills to use the various heals, ncu, and belt.

I managed to get turned around (no surprise here) and instead of heading back the way I came, I went further away from the shops, heading east instead of west. To my pleasant surprise, I entered a room that had Stim Fiends, Muggers, Looters, and Violent Vagabonds. All were level 10. I was quickly able to meet my quota for the Stim Fiends. On my last kill, I managed to draw agg from the Muggers and the Looters. I’m ashamed to admit I ran to the Subway entrance spamming my macro RUN AGG! along the way.

I’m happy to report no one died due to my, erm trailing hostile mobs. I was able to pick the mobs off that followed me back toward the entrance. I also dinged. Now I’m level 8. I took a moment to distribute my IP and I was now in hot pursuit of the Workman Strikers.

As I made my way toward the Workman Strikers, I tabbed like mad making sure of what mobs were in my vicinity. Uncontrollable Anger is a nasty mob that I’d rather like to avoid at my delicate gimped level 8. Sadly, it found me, but I lucked out! An MP wondered by, placed his heal pet ‘drep’ on me and saved the day. Big time thank you for that!

Now that I’ve found the Workman Striker, I feel as if I’m on a suicide mission. I can’t imagine being able to kill a level 14 mob. My plan is to make sure I had every available buff I could cast running, spam my First-aid kit as soon as it becomes available, and use my weapon special, Burst, as often as I could. I make it a habit to always heal myself as soon as I can, for you never know when you’ll be agg’ed.

Well, I’m dumbfounded. I actually killed the Workman Striker and was able to quickly meet my quota. After the second kill, while I was trying to heal, I enjoyed the company of the pesky Uncontrollable Anger. Luckily, it was only level 11. These mobs tend to room aimlessly and have a unique ability to find you when you least wish to be found. The last Workman Striker I killed was level 16, and it was a close call. I made a mental note to check the mob level before killing it in the future. To do this, just target the mob, and press the letter ‘T’. Oh, and I dinged. This time when I upped my IP, I also increased my Treatment and First-ail skills so I could use the higher level heal kits I’d purchased earlier. I was going to need all the heal power I could get from here on out.

Here’s where it got ugly. I managed to agg several mobs at once while trying to get to the Neural Burnouts. Then when trying to out run them, I managed to cause some tense moments for a few innocent bystanders. I tried to pull as many of the mobs away, while buffing the ‘innocents’ with my startup reflects, but it didn’t look good. We all scattered to the wind, and I never saw them again. Not a good way to make friends and definitely not proper gaming etiquette. I need to be more careful from here on out. So, with that in mind I began slowly and cautiously making my way to the Neural Burnouts.

Along the way, I ran into a level 15 agent and together we slowly progressed toward the lower Subway. I had no idea what the Agent’s agenda was, but it was working perfectly with mine. We managed to get a good ways into the lower part of the Subway, before we found ourselves in over our heads, and it was time to retreat. I did get to kill a couple of Neural Burnouts, but I doubt they’ll count toward my daily mission. We weren’t teamed, but I wasn’t doing near the damage the Agent was. Just in case he/she happens to read this … “I’m a space cowboy!” Back at ‘cha!

I dinged, upped the IP, and logged for the day. I doubt I’m going to be able to continue this mission without upgrading. My plans, next time I log in, are to work my way back to the entrance, killing and looting everything in sight. I need the credits because I plan to go on a major shopping spree. This toon needs some serious upgrading if it’s going to be able to complete this mission.

Time to re-evaluate.

I am now level 10 and the only thing that has change on this toon since it left Shuttle Island is the IP allocation, uploading a few profession specific nanoprograms, and the amount of credits. A whopping 3,903. That amount will not get this toon very far in her shopping spree. I am now re-evaluating how to best complete this mission. Should I stop, do a few Rubi-ka missions for needed items, tokens, and credits? Or should I try to continue, using the limited resources I have?

I voted for a few Rubi-ka missions. A quick look at what my 3k in credits could buy me in the shops made my choice an easy one. The items I’ll be looking for in missions will be Omni-med suit, profession specific nanoprograms, or programs the will increase my abilities, nano & aiding, or comp lit skills. Examples of these are the proficiency/expertise buffs like this one: Treatment Proficiency

I use a third party program called ClickSaver when I do missions. This is a wonderful program that’s been around almost as long as I have. It can be found here: ClickSaver. A great guide for this program can be found here: Agaille’s Guide to ClickSaver

The problem with attempting to obtain specific items is that the mission locations are scattered over Rubi-ka, which is inefficient. However, I did managed to obtain a few profession specific nanoprograms, a couple pieces of the Omni-med suit, higher level mismatched armor, a new weapon, and 36,000 in credits. That allowed me to purchase three pre-made weapon focused implants, a two-slot ncu belt, and upgrade my ncu. I also now had the first upgrade to the merit badge.

At level 18 I re-entered the Subway and easily made my way to the underground area. Well, I had some luck - I followed a team that included a NT who was nuking everything in sight, making my decent a piece of cake. I found what I hoped was a safe spot, buffed up, and logged for the night.

I logged on and was in fight. Yea auto attack! I was fighting a Neural Burnout. Yippie! This mob was next on the mission agenda. Lucky me. However, the other mobs surrounding me were not. I learned two very valuable lessons. First, I need to find better places to log off in the Subway. Second, increasing First-aid and Treatment so I could use the highest level kits found in my missions, was a very good thing. I survived and was able to quickly pick off the remaining Neural Burnouts.

As I made my way toward the Premature Patterns, another player came running by with more hostile mobs trailing him than I could count.

The only thing to do in such a situation is to run. Which I did. As fast as my maxed run speed would allow. I spammed my macro: AGG!! RUN!! as I went.

I ran directly to a place I’d located earlier that mobs didn’t seem to follow. It’s on the opposite platform that leads down to the lower Subway. Take the first door, followed by an immediate left. This leads down a passage to an underground tunnel that dead ends. I have had very good luck running here. Now just to wait for all the mobs to go back to where they belong, and hopefully that player to, erm go away. Reckless players are never a good thing.

I was unable to progress deeper into the lower dungeon. I did however manage to die spectacularly. Subway – 1, Froob toon - 0.

I’m now level 19 and stumped. I can attempt to continue, hoping I run into another team I can follow down into the lower Subway, or return to missions to gather more needed items.

I decided to give the Subway one more try. Before I went back, I took another look at my healing status. I splurged and increased my IP and spent most of my credits on two very important nanoprograms: First Aid Expertise and Treatment Expertise. These add 20 points to First Aid and Treatment, allowing me to use better heal kits. With the little credits I had left, I bought the best heal kits I could upload. That done, I headed back to the Subway.

Drum roll please!

I easily made it to the bottom of the spiral staircase leading to the lower part of the Subway. From that point on I was very careful. The mobs here agg, group together, and some wonder aimlessly making advancing tricky. You need to kill quickly, watching your back (third view) while constantly moving forward. You also need to keep an eye open for respawning mobs and reckless players.

Patience, Strategy, and Don't Panic!

Use the Subway layout to your advantage. The sharp bends in the tunnels, the doors, corners behind static items (treasure chest, boxes, etc.) all can be used to hide, pull mobs, etc.

With this strategy in mind, when you reach the bottom of the spiral staircase, do not run through the door. Mobs tend to gather to either side of the doorway.

Instead, check out the tunnel to either side before stepping through the door. To do this, stand as far to both sides as you can and still be able to look through the door without causing agg.

More than likely, in both directions, there will be mobs. Usually lurking to the left will be an Uncontrollable Anger with a couple of its buddies. To the right it's a toss up. There could be zero mobs, or a handful of assorted mobs. Toss in a roaming mob, or two and this door way has the potential to be a challenge.

Don't Panic! Its time to learn a cool dance step called 'The pull.'
To pull, or move a mob from it’s location to you, you need to get the mob to agg you. Easy enough. There are numerous ways to do this. You can slowly advance until the mob notices you and begins its attack. You can attack it with your weapon, cast a nano on it, or a combination of all three. With practice you will find what works best under what circumstances.

However, before you begin to pull a mob make sure you are in a safe location. That means there are no mobs that can come up behind you, or respawn where you are. Once you've found a good place to pull, get the mobs attention. As the mob begins to attack you, pull back to your safe spot making the mob follow you and leaving the other mobs behind.

Here are a few examples:

Pulling mobs into cleared rooms where you can close a door behind them is always a win-win.

By taking my time, utilizing the Subway layout, and pulling mobs, I was able to complete the remainder of the mission. All said and done, I went from level 5 to 22 spending 18 hours of play time.

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DM - Condemned Subway
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