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 Chapter Two: Livid

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PostSubject: Chapter Two: Livid   Fri Jul 02, 2010 8:20 pm

He was livid. He’d make that bitch pay dearly. Before he was even out of rez sickness he’d begun making her life a living hell. He’d kicked her from the organization and sent an emergent broadcast across his telecom announcing her a spy, which began a cascade of automatic reactions from the network’s computer system. She wouldn’t be able to access shit, and if she was stupid enough to try she’d be apprehended before she could blink. He laughed harshly. He’d have her in no time and would make good his threat. His next step was to organize a search party. It shouldn’t be too hard, for he’d placed several tracking devices into her medical bag a couple of months back. He knew how sentimental she was about that damn bag. Her parents had given it to her and were killed shortly afterward. She’d never part with it. A malicious grin began to spread across his face. He changed his mind; he wouldn’t need a search party. He knew just the person to send after her. Quickly he sent an encrypted file to a man known only as The Mercenary along with the required prepayment. That done, he sat back and began to envision exactly what he’d do to her once she was captured.

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Chapter Two: Livid
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