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PostSubject: Homeo   Mon Jun 28, 2010 10:16 pm

How does one describe Homeostasis? I don’t think you can begin without the old Earth phrase "Bless her Heart."

Homeo is a timid doctor who is passionate about her profession. She works more behind the scenes, preferring to do her job quietly, content in knowing that she was able to help.

She enjoys the simple pleasures of life, and will find herself in awe every time she sees a butterfly; for each time she sees one, it fills her with wonder at how something that delicate has managed to survive on this hostile planet. The irony always makes her smile.

As hostile as Rimor may be, it is her home and she will defend it with her life. This is no small thing, for she is not a violent being. It hurts her greatly if she ever is placed in a position where she must use force over reasoning. She also has the added burden of having friends and family in all factions. This burden weighs heavy on her heart. Not only does she care for them deeply, but they have shared their struggles and dreams with her. She has seen the common thread of their desire, leaving her with the belief that the planet can be united, for we truly are not that different.

The only reason, in her mind, that this has not occurred is because of a few in power continue to manipulate the masses. She has monitored the Council of Truth closely, even attending meetings before they were closed to the public, and is currently disappointed. She questions why Mr. Silverstone’s tyrant and non-productive behavior continues to be tolerated. As long as he or any members of the Council of Truth continue to derail the meetings with their insecurities, pettiness, and focus on their own self gains, the true purpose of the Council will never come to be.

On a more personal note, should you try to ask Homeo about her background she will attempt to defer with humor. Leaving any individual that has tried with a smile on their face, but none the wiser. Also, don’t let her childish awe of her surroundings fool you. She is very aware of the pulse of Rimor. She just understands how quickly things can turn deadly and likes to enjoy the rare moments of beauty and peace. So, should you see her stopping to admire another sunset, please stop and say "Hi" or just stand beside her and enjoy the setting suns. Hopefully, you will have the same appreciation for surviving another day, as well as being full of hope for what tomorrow may bring.

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