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 ADM - A-pods

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PostSubject: ADM - A-pods   Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:35 am

Well, here is a nice and easy mission to get out of the way before breakfast:

 photo 0eaf0635-4b9f-4e5d-8f9e-42f10defce10.png

Not A-Rod.
Pods. With a "P" - and an "s".
Just fly there, blow up some stuff and you have finished for the day!

The location is rather pleasantly accessible, compared to flying across endless expanses of nothing just to pick up some junk:

 photo bcf510ae-45ec-46ef-8db8-f635a9e78fe5.png

Once you get there you will find the pods:

 photo 988a893d-de24-4f19-b6bc-cdd85a09c4f8.png

Now, they are rather big and tough so you have been given a little gift to help you along:

 photo de35589a-1d33-4304-ba0c-5a57805509c8.png

It may not look like much but it is quite useful:

 photo 2450e9d4-3ff9-4ed1-bee5-43fb8e2559cc.png

It is good for two strikes, then it breaks up into little pieces and disappears. Freelancers really should get some more durable gear, those aliens are rather tough, despite their focus on probing and tentacles and ... Well, whatever.

This is a very simple mission, going by the description.
The catch is, of course, that the pods will spawn ... well, spawn. It is (apparently) what they are here for so it should not really be a surprise... However expected they may be, though, the spawn are a nuisance but there may be a way around them, with a bit of luck. I'll let you find out on your own, no sense in taking all the fun out of this one.

Once you have brought the pod of your choice down to 80% health you can use the device and watch the show.
And it is quite a spectacular show, in fact if you are squishy or too close (or both) you will also get to visit with your old friend, mr. Reclaim.
The result of the fireworks display team is impressive as well:

 photo 239d8879-df70-46e8-9c0e-c4e70baff25c.png

The mighty tentacles are brought low...

(Is it just me or has the asian office been consulted on this mission? Tentacles, manga, rule 34?? Nah, just me I guess...  Embarassed )

Well, I'll leave you to it, go out there and deal with the tentacles!

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ADM - A-pods
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