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 DM - Four Holes Graffiti

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PostSubject: DM - Four Holes Graffiti   Sun Jul 28, 2013 4:43 pm

Four Holes Graffiti

Description:  Our client wishes to eradicate some of the Omni-Tek Propaganda in Four Holes. You're commissioned to locate and adjust three signs promoting the Omni-Tek, and leave your own message. Beware, your action might lead to political consequences.

Note: Use Nano Spray on a poster to leave your message.


This is a fairly straight forward & easy mission....or is it?

4 Holes is a 25% zone. This means you, my dear reader, become PVP enabled within 15 seconds of entering the area. Therefore, pay attention or someone may wish to make this very simple task a tad more challenging.  There are also mid-level to high-level Omni NPCs about.  RAWR! I say.  

Now, before you grid into 4 Holes, make sure your Nano Spray is ready to go and easily accessible because this mission is all about timing.  

The moment you spray your first sign the Graffiti Artist nano will upload into your NCU giving you a limited amount of time to complete this mission.  

Now, rumor has it with each sign you spray you will receive another uploaded nano and you must complete the mission while all three nanos are running. I personally was distracted by the swimming pool and the higher level Omni enforcer. It's a long story, but trust me it was a shiny moment.

Anyway, once completed just return to the Agency for your reward.  

A plus from this mission is you get to keep the Nano Spray! What can I say, I love graffiti and becoming PVP enabled is a small price to pay to express my artistic side.


SPOILER ALERT:   What I did was fly around and scout the area for the needed 'Omni-Tek Propaganda' to deface. Once I found three, I then returned and used the Nano Spray.  I was able to do this while still flying.  Not sure if this is working as intended (TM), but I won't tell if you don't!

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DM - Four Holes Graffiti
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