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 DM - Pirate Paradise

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PostSubject: DM - Pirate Paradise   Mon Dec 31, 2012 5:38 pm

Description: Pirate Paradise

Varmint Woods - A well known hive of scum and villiainy, home to many a bootlegger, smuggler, poacher and pirate.

Your task is to locate the data thieving pirates, and treat them to a taste of their own medicine. After killing five of them you will get your reward.


Highly aggressive, high damage dealing mobs from mid to high 80's.

To keep things interesting, nearby is the Rhinoman Basher boss, Warlord Facecrusher Steelhead, and his minions. These mobs range in the high 60s'. The boss is aggressive and if you wonder too close he will attack. If you attack him in the range of his minions, they too will join the fight. If you want an extra thrill for your daily mission, throw caution to the wind and go in guns blazing, so to speak. Me, not so much. Limited time and all that. So, what worked best for me was to find a safe area to pull either the Nanobot Hacker, Crypto Cracker, or Black Hat mobs. Once that was done, I'd find one of these mobs off by itself, let it agg me, and run like the wind to my safe place, then I'd attack. The mission completes once you have killed five of theses mobs.

Outpost location: 1085, 923 Varmit Woods - Upper Stret Approach passage


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DM - Pirate Paradise
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