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 DM - Scavenger: Avalon

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PostSubject: DM - Scavenger: Avalon   Sat May 05, 2012 10:39 pm

Description: One of our clients has contacted the Agency to retrieve expensive gadgetry gone missing in Avalon, in the area around the cyborg citadel.

You're commissioned to collect the stock, the scope and the barrel of a Plasma Cannon.

Return to the Agency Receptionist when you have all three parts.


From the Clan Agency, take the Wailing Waste whompa, then the whompa to Avalon. Head due west until you reach the Cyborg citadel.

This daily mission is a lesson in reading comprehension, which I am sad to say I failed. So, let me spare you, dear reader, from the same fate. Quell your blood lust for killing cyborgs and focus on finding the Plasma Cannon stock, scope, barrel found laying on the ground in the area around the Cyborg’s Citadel. Not inside the Citadel and not from cyborg loot. No dear reader, what you need to complete this quest is right in plan sight.

Now, if a pesky cyborg or two tries to keep you from your task, by all means kill them. Twisted Evil The mission completes when you give the three items to the Agency Receptionist.

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DM - Scavenger: Avalon
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