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 DM – Prototype Formula

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PostSubject: DM – Prototype Formula   Sat May 05, 2012 7:30 pm

Description: Your assignment is to test experimental software prototypes- Testing is simple, as all you need to do is have (and keep) the software nano running in your NCU.

Time is of the essence, as these experimental formulas are usually highly unstable. It will be in your best interest to go to the client responsible for the product as soon as possible.

Find our client Eco-toxicologist Drew located in Mort.


Immediately upon accepting this mission two things will occur simultaneously. The first is an Agency NCU Analyzer will appear in your inventory. Keep this were you can quickly access it. The second is a DOT (damage over time) program is cast upon you. This DOT has a duration of over two hours, or until you complete the mission. It also will begin to rapidly tick off damage once you enter Mort. Make sure you have a way of healing before you head out to Mort or you will be taking full advantage of the /faceplam emote.

The quickest way to Mort is via the grid taking the Meetmedere exit then flying due north. This will require a minimum of 101 computer literature. If you do not have enough computer literature take the Hope whampa into Mort.

WARNING: Once you zone into Mort the DOT will activate and begin ticking away damage to your health in earnest. My 110 toon was receiving 100 in damage about every two seconds. However, this will be the least of your problems. Mort is home to several high level aggressive mobs. Cyborgs, Eremites, and Sand Demons oh my! That’s just naming a few. Therefore the best thing to do is attempt to fly, disembark safely to heal, then re-equip whatever you are using to fly. If you’re counting on a heal pet, let me know how that worked out for you. My heal pet seemed to find the sand worms quite fascinating and was never around when I needed her. Now, where were we… ah, yes! Remember your tab key – it is your best friend in this mission. Hitting your tab key often will let you know where those pesky mobs are, or aren’t so you can find a safe place to disembark to heal. Once you find Eco-toxicologist Drew (or Eco Dude!) and give him the Agency NCU Analyzer the mission will complete and more importantly the DOT will go away.

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DM – Prototype Formula
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