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 Christmas Missions/Christmas Quests/Santa Leet

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PostSubject: Christmas Missions/Christmas Quests/Santa Leet   Tue Dec 20, 2011 7:10 am

Well, it's that time of the year again.
Some ancient holiday is still celebrated by humanoids across the universe and it's also come to Rubi-Ka.

The background is a little fuzzy but it was something about Lawrence of Arabis and his 300 wives (way too many mothers-in-law.. Perhaps he had his guards reduce the numbers?) having a festival to bring good luck in the hunt for whales. Or something.

Well, you might in your wanderings around the planet come across a Santa Leet and if you take the time to have a chat with him he may just ask your help with something.
Apparantly he'd in charge of supplying presents to the children - talk about Communism, this place is built on free enterprise! - and the Alien invaders have found his workshop.
Hey - aliens, you don't like them either, right? Ok, let's go kick some chewing gum and take a.. ehh, that is wrong, isn't it?
Kick names and..
Never mind, go keel!

So, off you go. Find a Grid entrance and head to Meetmedere, it seems that this entrpreneurial little leet has found a way to live rent-free. Told you - communism!
Enter and you'll see a nicely decorated room with one useful appliance:

And here's the important bit:

It lets you choose which floor you wish to visit and I'll not tell you about all of them, just enough to give you a rough idea.

If you go to the snowball gallery you'll find this little guy:

He'll want you to throw snowballs - but it pays to be attentive, he has some special requiremnts as to what you're going to hit.

Oh, you won't necessarily have the necessary tools to throw snowballs - like, for instance, snow.. - but there is a nano that can help with that, you can either get the nano as a reward for helping out on another floor or you can ask the little scaredy-cat for one.

When you've done what he wants, he'll have a few more things to add:

It seems that the aliens are under command of some brute.. Annoying - and not only that, you're kindly asked to deal with him. Good luck, he's not alone..

However, there are more floors to visit, each bringing different challenges and not all of them require fighting - although you should be on the lookout as them pesky aliens might have their own ideas about what constitutes a "safe area" and ...

Leets are brave and strong and feisty..

Well, I've not shown you the exact location of Santa's Workshop because I promised him not to - and I'd rather be on his "nice-list" so you'll have to find your own way - but he'll tell you what you need to know, never worry.
As I said, I've not spoiled all the fun by telling you the solution to all the little (or not so little) tasks.
Have fun, it's what it's all about!

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Christmas Missions/Christmas Quests/Santa Leet
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