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 ADM - Green Sticky Goo

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PostSubject: ADM - Green Sticky Goo   Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:02 pm

Description: Green Sticky Goo 1/3

The Kyr'Ozch are constantly surrounding the Goliath-class battle stations in orbit around Rubi-Ka. As a bi-product of their presence, green sticky goo piles up and results in a mine field, snaring unknowing travelers.
You're commissioned to immobilize these minefields, disable three mines to claim your reward.

Note: Target the mine before you pick up and use the bomb disarm tool.

Remember to use the search action to find hidden mines! (CTRL+2)


WARNING: This mission will require the use of the search option tool which is dependent upon your perception skill. Before beginning the mission check the level of your perception and make sure you have at least 99. Don't panic if you don't. Below are a few options to increase your perception level without raising IP.

Sense buffs:

Enhanced Senses - Agent - +15 (9 NCU)

Intelligence buffs:

Neuronal Stimulator - Nano-Technician - +20 (7 NCU) Need to have SL expansion
Improved Cut Red Tape - Bureaucrat - +3 (29 NCU)

Perception buffs

Lupus Oculus - Adventurer - 120 (15 NCU)
Eagle Eye - Adventurer - 80 (24 NCU)
Karma Harvest - Fixer - 130 (47 NCU)
Stack the Odds - Fixer 79 (22 NCU)
Blood Makes Noise - Fixer - 107 (36 NCU)

Once you have the required perception, head out to Broken Shores (234, 3302) where you'll find yourself in a narrow canyon with various alien mobs level 100 and up. Here you will find yourself in a balancing act between fighting aliens, scanning for hidden mines, and disarming mines with the bomb disarmament tool. Oh, and staying alive. Fun times! Once you have disarmed three mines, the mission will complete.

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ADM - Green Sticky Goo
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