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 ADM Training in ICC

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PostSubject: ADM Training in ICC   Fri Oct 21, 2011 6:24 am

So, my young apprentice, you would like to do something about those Aliens and their unforutnate designs on our lovely planet?
Well then, first you must learn about them and how they operate so here's a lesson that will show you just that!

So, off to ICC you go. The entrance is very discreet and hard to find.. I mean, there's a huge sign on the wall and a door just below it..

Go inside and find your teacher:

Right - that's her. Go over to her and introduce yourself, don't be shy.
She'll be quite happy to instruct you.

She'll even show you the sights while she talks.
(Note that from now on she'll be talking in vicinity.)

She'll show you where you'll respawn after death - in this mission only so you still need to save.

Then she'll take you to the interesting part..

Yep, a door. Scary, right?
Beyond this door is the meat of the mission..
In the room is this interesting little area:

This is where you'll face the worst the holodeck has to throw at you.. since this is comparable to a kindergarden class you should not be too afraid.
Outside, in the real workd, however, you'd best bring friends.
Step onto or into the arena and Aliens will spawn, one after the other. Just kill one to see the next, your teacher will encourage you along the way:

Once she dismisses the class you can go back to the Handler and complete the mission.

There you have it, now you have all the knowledge required to kick some Alien butt!

Good luck on your future adventures!

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ADM Training in ICC
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