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 ADM Bugs!

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PostSubject: ADM Bugs!   Wed Oct 19, 2011 6:50 am

So, this time the Handler would like you to help with a somewhat small problem.. a nuisance, really.. well, they need you!
Them darn bugs are everywhere!

Ok, that sounds straight forward so off you go!
First to ICC, then to Serenity Island.

You'll need to find that Exterminator person first:

Head down off the hillside - just take the well-trodden track and you'll find her at coordinates 1010/1304.
Have a little chat with her and she'll tell you how to kill off them bugs:

The device that does the actual killing will spawn nearby:

It looks like this:

The killing is a simple process in and of itself; simply run around the place and you will soon pick up a train of Zix, then run under the Vermin Exterminator thingy and for each ten kills you'll get an encouraging yell from the Exterminator lady:

The Zix respawns but you should not have any problem - they do fairly light damage and there are lots of them little buggers around, both inside the city and in the wilderness surrounding it.
Once you reach the magic 100 you'll be asked to go have another chat with her. Sounds to me llike she's craving attention..

Oh well, go talk to her and this is what you get:

A cup of coffee?
A leet pie??
Nice.. Just head back up the track to the portal and go back to ICC, your job here is done.

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ADM Bugs!
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