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 ADM Distress Call

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PostSubject: ADM Distress Call   Tue Oct 18, 2011 6:31 am

This time you will go out and really help a very grateful citizen of Rubi-Ka!
Just what all honest, hardworking Clan heroes love to do!
If you happen to be an ommer then you'll probably have to persuade yourself to do this, there doesn't appear to be much in the way of career enhancement opportunities in this..

Anyway, the Handler has a mission for you:

So.. you need to go to Broken Shores and find out what's going on.. the Agency guy isn't exactly helpful this time, eh?
Anyway, you've asked the Alien Handler so it is probably safe to assume that this is some new devilry that them pesky aliens have come up with.. abducting people or wildlife for experiments and probing.
Into probing, those aliens.. Weird bunch.
Whatever, off to Broken Shores we go.

Oh, isn't this nice, it's a 25% zone.. Well, be careful, you never know if someone is lurking around to get an easy kill.

Here's the location on a map:

And this is what it looks like when you get there:

Note that the gas levels have been increased in a small area around the homestead and that a bit south of that place are some city plots. Not much in the way of safety nets but we take what we can get these days.

Ok, it seems that the Aliens are in cahoots with the Romulans, they've apparantly got the same cloaking systems and their bio-suits have been equipped with them.
As soon as you cross the fence three aliens will decloak and they will not be happy with your presence.
It is advertised as a solo mission but I don't know, an averagely equipped MP was in heaps of trouble. A doctor or perhaps a fixer or a keeper might find it easier. If you're strictly a damage-dealer then good luck to you. ^^

Whatever your plan, once you've sent the aliens back to where they come from the mission will update and the extremely grateful citizen will heap thanks upon your deserving head, along with such rewards as the homestead will allow for:

Or not..
Going to sleep?
Not even a cup of coffee???
There's gratitude for ya'..

After the server merge there are no more easy escape via the useful city plots - and likewise no easy getting back to civilization.
So, off we go in our little aeroplane. Or, if you're on foot, it's a hike all the way back again to whatever grid point or Whom-Pah you used to get here in the first place. Nice.

Also, if you get killed - as frequently happens on an averagely equipped DD toon (I can advice a few outside buffs, like a nano cost reducer, Behe, RRF(E), fixer long HoT, you know - the mundane everyday stuff..) - then once you get back you might notice that the fence is gone and no aliens appear when you tour the area.
Be patient, after a short while the fence reappears as the mission has reset and you will once again get the undivided attention of a bunch of grumpy aliens.

Also, there is a different version of this mission that takes you to Holes in the Wall - nice and easy to access, it right near Reet's.
That mission has a nice little twist that I'll let you discover on your own.
(Hint: Reading skills are your friend. ^^)

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ADM Distress Call
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