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 Chapter 15 - Game on!

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PostSubject: Chapter 15 - Game on!   Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:50 am

Prior to the doctor reaching maximum altitude she veered her vehicle sharply to the right and leveled off. She was certain the mountain of muscle she left behind would be unable to visually track her direction. However, if her suspicions were accurate, it really was a mute point. She strongly suspected the communications relay had a tracking device in it and was the sole purpose of the encounter. She doubted there was anything of value she'd be able to gleam from it, but it was worth a try. Plus, if Mr. Mountain wanted to play games, then game on!

She had just zoned into Pleasant Meadows before she felt she'd put enough space between her and Mr. Mountain for a brief stop. What she had in mind wouldn't take long. Oh how she wished she could be there when he figured out what she was about to do! The thought placed a genuine smile upon her face. Before tossing the communications relay into what awaited, she'd quickly confirmed her suspicions. It had been wiped of all data. That done, she headed toward her intended destination.

The Mercenary's original plan had been to monitor the doctor's whereabouts through the tracking device placed into the communications relay. He wasn't in any hurry to apprehend her and was looking forward to gathering more information about her. What better way to get to know about someone than to see what they did on the run. Sadly, that was not to be the case. He noted almost immediately that the doctor's movements were erratic. This unexpected turn of events warranted immediate inspection. "Well little buddy it's time for us to part ways." His gravely voice stated as softly as it could to the sleeping leet. The Mercenary, with surprising gentleness, moved the sleeping leet undisturbed to a safe location before setting off.

He approached the current location of the communication relay without caution. He knew instantly when he saw the erratic movements that the doctor had disposed of it. What he didn't know was how. When he approached the target location, his eyes gleamed with delight at what awaited him. He hovered his yalm above the large assortment of Rubi-ka's denizens calmly roaming below him. None of them matched the erratic pattern displayed on the tracking device. "Interesting." He mused aloud. He then drove his yalm into a heard of thundering lizards causing them to bolt. This in turn caused the rest of the creatures to take off in a haphazard mass exodus. The Mercenary rechecked the tracking device to find the erratic pattern unchanged. His eyes danced with intrigue. He quickly disembarked from his yalm intending to scan the area for life forms when a giant ermite erupted from the ground solving the mysterious whereabouts of the communications relay. The Mercenary had barely fired his first shot before the ermite's open mouth crashed down upon him. His muffled barks of laughter exploded and echoed off the canyon walls as he excavated himself from the now dead ermite. He stood briefly in the ermite's carcass, doubled over in laughter, entrails dripping off him, communication relay firmly grasps in his left hand, and thought it had been a very long time since he'd had so much fun.

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Chapter 15 - Game on!
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