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PostSubject: Matata   Tue Aug 30, 2011 8:35 am

Matata is a nanomage who was orphaned by the war. She was too young to ever know her parents but fortunately she was adopted by a pair of Solis, people working in the high ranks of the OT corporation.
She grew up in a loving home and got in to all the usual kinds of mischief that childen are supposed to do so they can drive their parents crazy – and learn to get along when they grow up.
(That is where her nickname comes from: it means ”Trouble” in an ancient language.. Her Dad has a good sense of humor.)

When she was in her late teens her parents had to leave for an assignment on another planet but being a nano she was unable to go with them. They will occasionally visit – or, rather, they used to; the current blockade by the aliens are prohibiting this.

A student at the Omni-Tek Academy of Advanced Engineering she is always busy with her studies – at least, that is what she tells her parents when she at irregular intervals is able to transmit a message to them.
In reality she is frequently hanging out with her friends or taking on odd jobs for the Corporation.
Studies are not exciting and exploring the world of Rubi-Ka is.

After long years of study and lab work she is finally nearing the end of her relatively carefree time as a student and is preparing herself for the arduous life of a highly skilled combat engineer.

She picked that line of work because in these days and times the more normal jobs designing buildings or manufacturing machinery is a quite small area – the environment imposes severe limitations on what can be used on Rubi-Ka, as does the scarcity of raw materials on what can be produced.

On the other hand, the war against the Clanners – and occasionally against those ”neutrals” that attack Omni areas – does not seem to end in the next several decades. Or the next centuries, given the hysterical propagande that all sides are constantly spewing...

Then there are the newcomers, the Kyr.. the aliens.
They seem to be set on fighting in this world of hers and she will not let them win. Her robots may as yet be viewed as rather feeble attempts but she is rapidly improving her skills and she will take the fight to them as often as she can: they are keeping her parents from her!

She might land a job with Rubi-Ka Universal Robots – but that is certainly a long shot and she has chosen to go with a career promising greater job security.

She has over time met with many Clanners and Neutrals and as she is an independant thinker she has realised that the propagande is a far cry from the truth.
In reality all sides – all humanoid sides, that is – are populated by the same kind of people:
People, who are only interested in carrying on with their lives, raising their children and enjoying life as best they can.

All sides are infected, though, by the crazy war mongers, who seem to thrive on causing havoc and grief, regardless of who their victims are.
(The aliens – they are a different matter completely. They are all bloodthirsty invaders that must be cleaned off the face of Rubi-Ka. She is not a rabid bigot but she really, really does not like the aliens.)

So all in all she is a friendly type, who will help people as far as she can but she is also a loyal OT employee – without being a brainless sheep, that is.
Her parents are occupying high positions in OT, albeit on that distant planet, so she isn't (too) afraid to speak her mind; OT Reform can't hurt her too badly.
Her comments and suggestions in the public dabate has caused more than one raised eyebrow when she speaks dead against the standard propaganda and the sheep, who suuport that c.. nonsense.

She will take time to admire the sunsets and the flowers – or the stark brutality of the desert and the mountains.
She will look at the various creatures inhabiting the planet and she will stand in awe of the diversity and beauty of them all.
To her, there is no greater wonder than what has evolved over untold millenia, against overwhelming odds.

It is sad that war is wreaking havoc on her beloved world but while she is a romantic she is also a realist.
One day the war will end but not in her lifetime so she will enjoy as much as she can and the Devil take the rest.

A diplomat is a man, who can describe a beautiful woman without using his hands.
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