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 Chapter 14: Now What?

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PostSubject: Chapter 14: Now What?    Sun Aug 07, 2011 11:32 am

Fuming she stomped back inside the cave, grabbed her backpack, turned heel, and marched back outside.

Once again, she found herself stopping in her tracks. This time it was at the site of the leet frantically running around the prone Atrox while pathetically chirping, "Lub j00 sum of heckler dam nit!"

"I should have barbequed you." She hissed at the leet. "And eaten you for dinner." She finished between clenched teeth. Briefly she entertained the idea of blasting the fur off the creature, but as tempting as that was, she had more pressing issues to address. Dismissing the leet, she kept a close eye on the Atrox and began rummaging into her backpack.

The Mercenary watched the doctor furiously return to the cave and just as quickly return in the same foul mood. She was muttering under her breath, and giving the annoying leet a death stare. She then locked eyes with him and began digging into her pack. He wondered if she'd kill the leet before or after sending him to reclaim.

Keeping a watchful eye on the Atrox, she began fumbling around in her backpack until she found what she needed. She activated the hacked-boosted grafts Leaded Feet and Feet of Stone upon the Atrox firmly rooting him in place. She then quickly and efficiently searched and removed his weapons tossing them into the water. There was no backpack or I.D. to be found. However, he did have a communications relay, which she took. Before the hacked-boosted grafts wore off, she retreated out of his reach.

When the hacked-boosted grafts wore off, The Mercenary stated clearly and calmly, "I am going to sit up." Then he slowly sat up. The leet climbed into his lap and promptly fell asleep.

"What now?" The Mercenary asked.

"I haven't decided." The doctor snapped back.

The Mercenary began lightly stroking the sleeping leet in his lap.

From her vantage point, it appeared the Atrox was doing something obscene and a girlish giggle escaped before she could squash it.

The Mercenary wasn't sure, but he could have sworn the doctor just giggled.

"Stop stroking the leet or I'll blast it out of your lap not caring if I remove anything else in the process."

The Mercenary stopped mid-stoke. The leet snuggled closer, but remained asleep.

Now that she could concentrate without her twisted humor getting in the way, she took a moment to decide her plan of action.

"It is quite obvious to me, that you planned our encounter. What is not obvious to me is why. I could assume that you've been hired to track me, if so you could have easily subdued me. Why didn't you?" She pondered aloud while her amber eyes pierced through him as efficiently as the weapon Piercing Evil .

The Mercenary wisely chose to remain silent. He took this opportunity to study her more closely. Her amber colored eyes with the reptilian slits could penetrate The Void. Her black hair was cut short in a no nonsense fashion. The upper two-thirds of her face was stained dark blue by the notum that ran through her veins. Notum, The Mercenary reflected, was a mineral found only on this planet. It made the insurance terminal, nanoprogramming, and the nanomage breed itself possible. It was also the cause of the wars now raging across the planet. Control the notum; control the planet. Turning his full attention back to the doctor, he noted just how small in stature she was. He could effortlessly pick her up with one hand. He doubted she even came to his hip and his bicep was larger in diameter than she was. However, as little she may appear, he had no doubt she could be deadly.

She watched the Atrox study her as she in returned assessed him. Atrox's by design were nothing but a mountain of muscle. When first developed in the Omni-Tek labs, their sole purpose was to work in the notum mines. They weren't known for their intelligence, but were more disposable fodder for the Omni-Tek.

This Atrox before her looked back at her with obvious intelligence. His strength went beyond mere muscle but arose from the knowledge he had nothing to fear. So why had he allowed her to so easily capture him? Did it really matter? Would she even believe him if he told her? Could this be a trap? Frustrated the doctor let out a low growl, cast the dreaded UBT, this time without a HOT, and began to equip her banshee.

The Mercenary's left eyebrow rose slightly as the impact of the UBT hit. He watched as her banshee pointed straight up and took off. She never veered left or right, but continued straight up until she was no longer visible. The Mercenary's lips formed a smile as he stated, "Tag, I'm it."

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Chapter 14: Now What?
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