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PostSubject: Jokser   Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:36 am

Being a 'Trox he was not born to parents in the usual way, he was incubated in a large facility.
This particular facility was operated by OTAF and so he was trained to be a soldier, taught high standards of conduct as well as sundry subjects useful to a soldier.

At first his looked to be a distinguished career but then he was sent on an assignment where he found things taking place that should not have – and he became aware that the people responsible had backing even into the very high ranks of OT.
Being a 'Trox he is slow to adjust to new ideas and to think things out but once his mind is made up he will not waver.

Realising that his trust had been betrayed he escaped into the wilderness, made his way to Clan territory and was able to settle in there. Needing money he started his own company, ”trouble shooting” for whomever was willing to pay – but only if the job was acceptable according to his moral code. Meaning, no stim running, no gunrunning, no harming the innocent – and preferably causing a lot of grief to criminals.

He is a friendly sort but he does expect people to fend for themselves, to wish to learn the ins and outs of Rubi-Ka life, to take control of their own destiny. No free rides from him – but ask for help and you will be very likely to get it - which also means that he prefers to be the one getting hurt if the situation gets violent.

Having defected from OT he was not fully trusted by other Clan members and so he spent most of his time alone for many years, meeting many people, knowing few and befriending even fewer.
At one point a clan doctor was able to convince him that friendship was a positive thing and he did end up joining her organization, something no other person could ever have convinced him to do.

Jokser will still go into the desert or the mountains once in a while, or he will pause his Yalm in flight to gaze at the night sky or the twin suns. He may quietly observe the wildlife or the bustling city life from a distance.
Then, after a moment's pause he will go on with the job at hand, keeping his thoughts to himself.

A diplomat is a man, who can describe a beautiful woman without using his hands.
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