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 Notum Wars – The Basics – Keeping it simple, st00pid

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PostSubject: Notum Wars – The Basics – Keeping it simple, st00pid   Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:13 pm

The objective of Notum Wars is to destroy your opposition’s control tower making the land available for placing a tower of your own. What is needed? Patience and persistence. That’s pretty much NW in a nutshell.

How does one get involved?

1) Monitor the All Tower and Tower Announcement channels. These channel will announce the bare minimal information on tower wars. Such as who has initiated the war, who the war is against, where the war is located and who lost or won the war.

Below are examples of information provided as well as how to subscribe to the channel:

This will give you an idea of members and organizations that are active with Notum Wars. These are the individuals or organizations you wish to contact (not at the time of an active war!) for further information.

2) Obtain a general understanding of what Notum Wars is BEFORE contacting active members/organizations by reviewing the following references:

A) Anarchy Online Game Manual
B) wiki Basic Notum Wars Towers
C) AO Universe’s Notum Wars Guide

What is expected of a war n00b?

Listen to the raid leader. Period. The end.

erm, why is Notum Wars important?

The towers offer significant advantages to organizations and their members.

AO Universe’s Organization Advantages

What if I’m not in an org – why should I bother?

You got me on this one – however, pvp can be damn fun. Plus, if you don’t try it, you’ll never know if this is something that is or isn’t for you.

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Notum Wars – The Basics – Keeping it simple, st00pid
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