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 Chapter 13: I really don't have time for this!

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PostSubject: Chapter 13: I really don't have time for this!   Sat May 21, 2011 3:35 pm

Her unfocused eyes slowly fluttered open where the morning light had no effect upon her dilated pupils. It was the aroma of notum rich soil that penetrated her fog and by the time she'd excavated herself from her make shift bedding, her mind had completely cleared. She berated herself for not having a stim ready to inject. The desired comatose effect of the pill had left her completely drained. Just digging out from under the soil had left her breathless. Reaching for her backpack she fumbled its contents until she found her medical bag. What seemed an eternity later she found the stim. The second its contents hit her blood stream she felt the residual effects of the pill evaporate. However, she now felt as if she was vibrating in place. Wasting no more time, she raced to the cave’s entrance, or exit from her perspective, stepped through the waterfall, dove into the cool refreshing water beyond, and quickly swam to the tiny island. She was about to remove her clothing and soak up some of the suns rays when she saw The Mercenary.

The Mercenary had seen her diving through the waterfall and swimming effortlessly toward the tiny island. He had begun a slow count, wondering what number he’d reach before she noted him. He’d made it to five. He stood up and began to advance slowly toward her. As he did so, she looked up at him unflinchingly. Whatever her thoughts may have been were well hidden behind her flat affect.

He wasn't accustomed to such a reaction and it gave him pause. Fear, panic, dread, even revulsion was what he was accustomed. This non-reaction, no wait, now he could clearly see a reaction of...impatience? Could this be impatience? Like a leet caught in a laser beam, he studied her expression trying to figure out the emotion upon her face.

She took advantage of his quizzical state and cast a few hostile nano programs and one HOT to keep him from feeling too terribly ill, then began a hasty retreat toward the cave.

She heard him bark with laugher and against her better judgment stopped in her tracks and looked back at him.

When he saw her looking at him there was no mistaking the expression on her face - it was rippling with annoyance. This caused him to double over with laugher. He glanced up making sure she wasn't going to cast any more hostile nano programs, or suns forbid, shoot him, and found her with her hands on her hips, foot tapping with raw irritation, and her left eyebrow about to fly off her forehead. It was more than he could take. He fell to the ground howling with laughter.

Gasping and wiping tears from his eyes, he sat up. She was exactly where he'd last seen her. He smiled.

"Are you finished?" She asked barely controlling her mounting fury.

"Not sure." He chuckled.

"When you're sure, please let me know."

He was surprised the water closest to her didn't completely freeze over from her icy tone.

"I believe I'm about done." He was fairly certain there was an amused look on his face, and laughter still in his voice, but holy heckler, this pint size woman had more piss in her than an ermite. He had to bite the inside of his cheek to keep the laughter at bay.

"Ahem." Was all he could muster.

They both continued to stare at the other. She with unabashed fury - he with a bemused look.

"I really don't have time for this!" She hissed. Without batting an eye, she cast the dreaded UBT rendering him useless. This time there was no laughter as he watched her disappear back into the cave.

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Chapter 13: I really don't have time for this!
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