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 Upper Level Elite Mission - I Want a Biodomes Mission

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PostSubject: Upper Level Elite Mission - I Want a Biodomes Mission   Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:50 pm

I Want a Biodomes Mission.

The bio domes in Belial Fore...

Description: The bio domes in Belial Forest and Southern Artery Valley are leftover buildings from an Omni-Med research facility. The projects taking place there were shut down because of lack of funding and other priorities. When the project was abandoned, an unspeakably nasty host took over the establishment.

The freelancers agency can offer a reward for anyone who sends either Urqhart The Absorber or Denaturing Entorc to reclaim.

Gather your friends and equip your best violence, this assignment is not for the faint hearted.


I had a bad feeling about this mission the moment I saw the powers that be couldn't be bothered to complete the world 'forest' in the header. As you can see this 'solo' mission is telling you to gather your 'friends' so that's two strikes against this mission. The third is the mob you have to kill: Urqhart the Absorber or Denaturing Entorc. These mobs must be spawned. Isn't that special? To do this you need to find one of the following mobs:

Resurrected Swamp Wierder
Resurrected Swamp Witch
Resurrected Swamp Hag
Resurrected Swamp Watcher
Resurrected Swamp Mistress
Resurrected Swamp Crone

All are level 250. All upon their death will spawn 4 level 250 mobs. Hopefully one of these mobs, once killed, will spawn the mob needed for this mission. Also the surrounding mobs, Biledrinkers, Marsh Wardens will agg. Oh, did I mention the Resurrected Swamp mobs have a nasty nuke and teleport powers? Fun, fun, fun!

There are three biodome locations in Belial forest (Wine).

1) 1560, 2460
2) 1480, 2010
3) 1440, 2500

I just went to the first one and found the Resurrected Swamp mobs ~(1323, 1394) protectively nestled around numerous other mobs levels ranging from 175 to 200. Evidently she's got a good aim and can get you even when you THINK you're out of her range. Hence, it's best not to afk, alt/tab, or take your eyes off the Resurrcted Swamp mobs unless you want a quick trip to reclaim. >.<

After a handful of attempts to kill one of the Resurrected Swamp mobs I came to the conclusions that the individuals that thought up this 'solo' mission are sadist. More than likely pvp oriented and thought /fblock to all the whinny pvm'ers wanting elite daily missions. I am not amused. Another Elite mission I had to delete.

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Upper Level Elite Mission - I Want a Biodomes Mission
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