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 Upper Level Elite Mission - I Want a Prisoner Mission

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PostSubject: Upper Level Elite Mission - I Want a Prisoner Mission   Wed Apr 13, 2011 8:48 pm

I Want a Prisoner Mission

Description: Talk to Warden Ystanes

The Ystanes 'brothers' are three gene-mate Atroxes who just happen to each be in charge of three prisons on Rubi-Ka. Recently a group of prisoners escaped from their care, and they could use some help in tracking them down. Find Warden Ystanes and help him recapture one of the escaped prisoners to complete this mission.

For Omni-Tek employees, Warden Ystanes may be found in Omni-Trade, near the Omni-Reform complex.

For Neutral citizens, Warden Ystanes may be found in Newland, near the prison building.

For Clan members, Warden Ystanes is found in West Athens, near the prison building.

Help Warden Ystanes recapture one of the escaped prisoners. After you have killed the prisoner you are assigned to recapture, return to Warden Ystanes to receive a reward and complete this assignment.


Right click upon Warden Ystanes to initiate dialog. Eventually he'll tell you they have a code-red alert and could use more hands to help. However, if you sign up they can't guarantee your safety. Sounds like a fun time to me! After a bit more dialog the Warden will tell you he's uploading some basic information on one of the prisoners. Your mission will now upgrade. Mine updated to 'Kill the Dangerous Prisoner'. I'm unsure if the missions vary and different prisoners are assigned to be killed. If so, a good source for the various prisoner locations is AO Universe's:

Escaped Prisoner Guide

Regardless of which prisoner you have they all can be found in Milky Way. The easiest way to get there is via the grid taking 4 Holes exit then the whompa (1199,1223) to 20K and fly north into Milky Way.

The prisoners are all level 215, don't agg unless you attack them, and don't fight fair. Hence the Warden's warning. The trick is to kill them quickly before they can unleash their nasty bag of tricks.

As you can see by the health bar on the prisoner your toon needs to be able to hit for high damage at a quick rate. My toon isn't set up for that and is unable to finish this mission solo. As much as I hate it, I'll have to ask for help. I have no clue if teaming to kill the prisoner will keep the mission from updating. I also don't know at this point if you can solo kill the prisoner how your mission upgrades. If you have to go back to the Warden, the Agency, or if the mission just completes. *sad face*

UPDATE: As of 04/11/11 subsequent attempts at this mission have all resulted in having to delete the mission because Warden Ystanes will not talk to me. I have placed a bug report (/bug description yada yada issue) but for me this mission remains unable to complete. *irked face*

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Upper Level Elite Mission - I Want a Prisoner Mission
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